Indian Comrades Get The ‘Shock’ Of Their Lives

The Indian Comrades rolled the red carpet with lots of joy for their master from Beijing hoping that he would pat their backs for being such nice puppies.But they were in for a rude shock. The master told them point blank to dump their outdated policies and adopt a ‘more pragmatic approach’ in this era of globalisation.

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 22: Chinese President Hu Jintao on Wednesday had a word of advice for India’s Communist leaders — adopt a ‘more pragmatic’ approach, as this is the era of globalisation that provides immense scope for economic prosperity.

Globalisation provides scope for economic prosperity, and a “more pragmatic and positive approach” must be adopted by the Left to develop infrastructure and the economy, he told the leaders.

And he made sure to really rub it in if the message he had for them hadn’t yet entered their thick skulls.

Hu asked the Left leaders to play a more active role in states where they are in power and invited them to China to gain a first-hand experience of progress made by the Communist nation.

RS of Naveenbharat has a great analyses on this rude shock from unexpected quarters for the Comrades.


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5 responses to “Indian Comrades Get The ‘Shock’ Of Their Lives

  1. The comrades have denied this report. Hu Jintao will most likely want the Indian communists to do what is good for china (and what is not very good for india). You got to remember how CPI-M came into being.

  2. RS

    Of course the Commies will deny it. After all wasn’t Hu talking holy crap?

  3. kumar abhishek

    the struggle is not with globalisation but what it does for the diwntrodden.your G.D.P is set up at 8% but the poor are getting poorer and in an agragarian society farmers are commiting suicides in mass numbers.doesn’t it call for a revolution.

  4. kumar abhishek

    first try to get provisions which can let the farmers of your agricultural society to just get enough food,change the poverty line concept to a survival one and then see 50% of population is struggling.still we boast about ever increasing G.D.P.

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