One More Red Alert on the Indo-US Nuclear deal Front

The Indo-US nuclear deal has hit another roadblock. According to this article by Dr A Gopalakrishna, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB).

During the debate on November 16, amendments were approved in Section 105 and Section 108 of the original bill, and also two new sections (Section 114 and Section 115) were freshly inserted. What else was introduced and defeated is of little consequence to us, since we need to only concentrate on the acceptability of what is eventually put into HR-5682.EAS, instead of wasting time to rejoice on the false victories over ‘killer’ amendments!

Of the changes that were made, what is most appalling is the inclusion of Section 115, which the Senate approved without any vote-counting or voice vote. After reading out the text of this Section, Senator Lugar just said one sentence, ‘I urge adoption of the amendment’, and without objection or discussion it was directly ‘agreed to.’

He goes on to add that this Section 115 gives authority to the DoD and DoE in the pretext of “joint R&D in the area of nuclear non-proliferation” to basically spy on the Indian nuclear program and sabotage it by internal subversion through the agency of the NNSA which is allegedly involved in covert nuclear activities across the world in active collaboration with the CIA, NSA and DIA.This is not a farfetched thought considering the history of US clandestine operations even against its supposed ‘allies’.

The Indo-US nuclear deal is supposed to be for civilian nuclear cooperation in the hope that it will enhance the energy security of the country. Section 115 of the bill deals totally with matters of nuclear proliferation control. In the guise of conducting joint R&D in nuclear non-proliferation, with emphasis on nuclear safeguards, the US attempt appears to be in using the Indo-US nuclear deal as a vehicle to facilitate a formal entry for the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) into India.

The US’ NNSA is widely suspected to be involved in a variety of covert nuclear interventions and clandestine operations in many countries around the world, on behalf of the US government, and they work in close cooperation with intelligence agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, the US National Security Agency and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The US State Department, US Defence Department and the Department of Energy are also closely involved with the NNSA. Section 115 states that the Secretaries of DoD and DoE will be consulted in carrying out the envisaged R&D program.

The original text of the relevant bills HR-5682.EAS, HR-5682.PCS and the Senate bill S-3709 passed on Nov 16,2006 can be searched for here.


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3 responses to “One More Red Alert on the Indo-US Nuclear deal Front

  1. if we want fuel… we need australia… and there is no development on that front

  2. yes australia with nearly 40% of the proven uranium reserves in the world is very important. I think the Indian govt is in still in negotiations with them on this issue.

  3. well govt negotiations…. you just talk about them… but nothing happens

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