Now it is Siachen on the Appeasement Line.

What is common to Pakistan, PoK, Tibet, Aksai Chin, Cocos Is, Haji Pir pass and Do bigha corridor?

Ans- They were all land, solid land given away (or not defended in the case of Tibet) either to appease an aggressive adversary or for the sake of two million years of “peace and friendship” by our left leaning political and diplomatic establishment.

Where has that landed us?

The less said about Pakistan the better, PoK has now become the base of terrorism against India, Aksai Chin alongside PoK squeezes India strategically and compels it to maintain a costly presence on the cold and desolate Siachen glacier, The loss of the Tibetan buffer has meant that a border that was once guarded by policemen with lathis has now to be guarded with nearly a million troops and border guards, Cocos Island is now a base of the Chinese navy, Haji Pir is one of the infiltration routes for terrorists into J&K and neither do bigha corridor or even liberation from tyranny has brought us ‘peace and friendship’ with a Bangladesh which now harbours terrorists who operate against India from its soil.

Yet the same failed appeasement policy is now being sought to be followed with regard to Siachen where as pointed out in the beginning we are there because of the past blunders of our political & diplomatic establishment with regard to PoK and Aksai Chin. Somehow our leftwing political and diplomatic establishment never seem to learn from their blunders of the past.


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One response to “Now it is Siachen on the Appeasement Line.

  1. Indian

    1. The whole world agrees that Pakistan has created and nurtured the Taliban and is trying to keep it alive, that it does not want a government in Afghanistan that might be hostile to it’s own interests.

    2. It’s also emerged that Pakistan’s ISI tried it’s level best to keep up the Monarch’s rule in Nepal and the Maoist insurgency to keep out a democratic government.

    3. Pakistan is also helping the Sri Lankan government to fight the LTTE.

    4. It supports insurgencies in the North East of India.

    5. It has created front organisations such as the Let, the JeM to carry out terrorist attacks in India.

    6. It is desperate to get some concessions from India ahead of the sham elections next year.

    7. It is the present regime that tried to occupy Indian territory in 99, did not even inform it’s own civilian leadership, later ousted the same and for years, even denied any involvement.

    8. They defiantly refuse to hand over even criminals with open-and-shut records such as Dawood Ibrahim. The reason ? Because he was groomed by the ISI and provided assistance, he knows their secrets, there’s no way they’ll ever hand him over.

    9. Every time a terrorist attack takes place in India, the links can be traced to Pakistan. The leadership in Delhi might be uncomfortable that the Mumbai Police Commissioner chose not to be political but called a spade a spade when he had clinching evidence linking the blast perpetrators to a location Bahawalpur in Pakistan.

    10. Most importantly, it is the Kashmir issue that keeps military regimes in Pakistan in business. It is their way of convincing their own people of the enemy at the door and why the military needs to stay in power.

    11. The Pakistan government has realised that Manmohan Singh is the man to dupe, fool, con, to use a few ‘cheap’ words. He honestly believes that there can be peace in Kashmir if we only make some concessions to Pakistan. We need to remember that he is but a celeberated economist, a finance specialist, not a politician or a statesman. He cannot see through Pakistan’s designs. His desire for peace is shared by all Indians, but withdrawing troops from Siachen cannot bring this about, all it can do is take away years of hardships, pain, suffering and even lives put in by our jawans on those peaks. A ceasefire on Siachen should be sufficient for both the armies to not lose unnecessary lives. It does not take a brilliant man to predict that no sooner does India vacate the peaks and passes in Siachen will Pakistan make it’s move, probably covertly a la Kargil and the whole world will oppose a war just to get it back.

    12. It is also evident that nobody in India, with the exception of the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh himself, is keen to release our grasp on Siachen. The bureaucrats are clearly obeying orders grudgingly. Why does the Prime Minister not do what he’s best at, which is, make changes to the economy

    Manmohan Singh should sincerely avoid making promises like these to Pakistan, the effects of which would have to be born by future generations. Hope he does not make the same mistakes that Nehru made in 62 vis-a-vis his misplaced trust in China.

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