Pakistan is Paranoid about “Indian-Origin” Diplomats

Another shining example of Pakistan’s Paranoia and idiocy.

November 09, 2006 18:32 IST- Irked by the posting of several Indian-origin diplomats by the United States and Britain in their embassies in this country, Pakistan has reportedly asked Washington and London to avoid appointing such officials to “sensitive posts”.

“There is a major concern in the official quarters in Islamabad over the appointment of growing number of diplomats of Indian origin to sensitive positions at the US embassy and to a lesser degree at the British High Commission in Islamabad,” Pakistani officials were quoted as saying by the Dawn newspaper.

It said the officials were not “hesitant” to acknowledge that the issue of posting Indian-origin diplomats has emerged as an “irritant” and “friendly discussions” were underway to resolve it “amicably”.

And ofcourse no Pakistani has ever learnt to discuss anything without the standard “You-too” argument.

When asked for her reaction to the report, Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said she has to “check” whether the issue has been taken up with the countries. India does not permit officials of Pakistani origin to serve in any of the foreign missions in India, where as Pakistan has been accepting officials of Indian origin to serve in foreign missions in Islamabad, she told PTI in Islamabad.

Oh choo schweet of her. :).

Lets’ cut the propoganda PR bullshit here. The problem the Pakis have is specifically with diplomats of either Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain or Christian origins. To be posted as a diplomat to Pakistan means that the person has to be a born citizen of that country, not even a naturalised citizen in cases like the USA.

Many of these people are second generation immigrants and have tenous links to India.Clearly, Pakistan is trying to cover its own religious bigotry under the cloak of so called “security concerns” and our ever stoned and doped media simply swallows and regurgitates this shameless bit of propoganda coming out of the Pakis’ ever lying mouth.


Update– While discussing diplomats. This is a very interesting interview of Vivek Kumar with Arundhati Ghose’s panel during his UPSC efforts. I liked the part where she asks him whether he would follow any order from the Indian Government that he feels is against India’s national interests, Vivek says he probably would have to, but she cuts him short by saying that the one guiding principle that he has to follow is India’s national Interests, nothing else. Period. If you think something is wrong, refuse to carry out the order. The national interest must never be compromised.

This is the same lady who headed the Indian delegation at the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva in 1996 and gave that famous Not Now, Not Ever speech with regard to signing the CTBT. May her tribe increase.


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