Mohammed Afzal Files So Called “Mercy Petition”

The Hangman’s noose is now drawing closer and closer and the “eminent” terrorist has already lost his nerve. Now he is supposedly seeking mercy from the same state he waged war against. Oh boy! these jihadis are so brave(sic!).

Mohammed Afzal begs Kalam for mercy in his own style

Facing gallows for his role in the 2001 Parliament terror attack, Mohammed Afzal Guru has petitioned President A P J Abdul Kalam for mercy, saying he did not get ‘fair trial’ in courts. In an emotional plea, Afzal refuted police charges and claimed innocence in his 102-page long mercy petition submitted late Wednesday night to the authorities of Tihar jail, where he is lodged currently.

Is this how one files a “Mercy Petition”? I thought the very name “Mercy Petition” implies that he admits his crime, repents for it and is seeking forgiveness. But this sounds more like the same bullcrap served up again and again that he is innocent.

Excuse me, dude you are supposed to be begging for mercy here not filing a review petition. Maybe the lawyers can help u figure out that the President is not a court. If he thinks that you did not get a fair trial he will send your file back to the courts which as you must have realised by now, they don’t like ya!.

So Afzal dude be smart and get down on your knees now and beg for mercy.Now!!

Oh! and our “misguided boy” who did not have GPS receiver set and hence “innocently” strayed into a PoK terrorist camp from his hostel during his first year in college did not forget to appreciate the efforts of our nutroots who wanted to get him out of the hangman’s noose.

Afzal said he was moved by the ‘solidarity’ he has received from people, cutting across ideological divides (I do not remember seeing any of those hated Hindutva rightwingers cheer for Afzal. Maybe i’am not all seeing unlike our “exalted” Media), apart from the support he got from Jammu and Kashmir(or more specifically the “kashmir valley”. Interesting how conveniently does the J&K and “kashmir valley” interchange names based on the utility for the media’s agenda of the moment).

‘This support has truly given me new hope that I may still live and able to see my son grow up’, he said in his plea.

“Thank you so much Ghulam Nabi Azad and the Congress party, Barkha dutt and NDTV, Sagarika Ghose and CNN-IBN, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sitaram Yechury, Brinda Karat and all the CPI(M) comrades, ToI(let) paper, N. Ram and the (Anti-) Hindu and many, many more.Thank you all!”

gawd! This all in the family thing is really bringing tears to my eyes too(sic!)


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One response to “Mohammed Afzal Files So Called “Mercy Petition”

  1. Mojo Rising!

    Gallows for Afzal – Collective Conscience or Ignorance:

    In the sensational 13 Dec 2001, Parliament of India attack case, the issue of death sentence for Mohammed Afzal Guru should be analyzed within the boundaries of the existing law and not on the basis of so called collective conscience.

    The evidence of conspiracy against Afzal stands on his own testimony- he confessed that he brought one of the 5 men involved in the attack from Srinagar to Delhi and helped him buy a used car and on the recovery of explosives from his house, and most crucially, on records of cellphone calls to the five. But the evidence is open to doubt. The explosives recovery record is not watertight. The police couldn’t explain why they broke into his house during his absence while he was in jail – when the landlord had the key.

    The cellphone record traced several calls from the five men to number 98114-89429. The police allegedly impounded the instrument from Afzal while arresting him in Srinagar. The instrument had no SIM card. So the only identity mark was its IMEI number, unique to each instrument.

    There are only two ways to find this tell-tale number: open the instrument, or dial a code and have the number displayed. But the officer who wrote the recovery memo said on oath that he neither opened nor operated the instrument. Besides, the testimonies regarding the date of purchase of the phone with a new SIM card ( December 4, 2001 ) and its first recorded operation ( November 6, 2001 ) don’t match. The benefit of doubt heavily weighs in favor of Afzal.

    Afzal’s conviction and sentencing violates cardinal principles of natural justice on the following 3 grounds:

    Firstly, the charge-sheet was against 12 persons. The masterminds were Azhar, Tariq Ahmed and Ghazi Baba. It is significant to note that they are Pakistanis. They have neither been arrested nor have they been tried. If Pakistan extradites them, then they shall escape the gallows. The Parliament was attacked de facto by 5 Pakistanis. They were responsible for the death of 9 members of the security forces. Afzal did not cause anyone’s death, he did not injure anyone. He did not mastermind the attack. The Apex court of India has observed that there is no direct evidence of his involvement.

    Secondly, all the courts, including the Apex Court have acquitted him of the charges under Prevention of Terrorism Act ( POTA ) of belonging to any terrorist organisation.

    Thirdly, Afzal was denied a fair trial. The investigation was illegal. The courts noted that evidence was fabricated and he never had a lawyer who represented him. The Judge passed an order giving Afzal the right to cross-examine witnesses but it is a herculean task, even for a person with legal training but devoid of knowledge of criminal law. The provisions of the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights ( ICCPR ) have been grossly disregarded.

    The Apex Court has held that, “the incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire nation and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if capital punishment is awarded to the offender.”

    Collective conscience of a society whose members are probably unaware of the fact that Afzal a former Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front ( JKLF ) man had surrendered and convinced others also to surrender.

    Collective conscience of a society, some of whose members allegedly attacked Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani’s office when he offered to defend Afzal. Its a pity that Afzal did not have the benefit of ace defence counsel Ram Jethmalani who would have torn the prosecution case apart and made the difference between life and death for Afzal.

    Collective conscience of a society, more than half of whose members, still do not know that Afzal is acquitted of all charges under the POTA.

    Collective conscience of a society which is still unaware of the fact that the dependents of victims of the attack have not yet been rehabilitated properly.

    Which ever way you look at it, its not collective conscience but collective ignorance.

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