Ram Jethmalani Flays the Media

Sagarika “snorting heroine” Ghose’s interview with Mr Ram Jethmalani did not go well. That is an understatement. The interview was actually a horror show for her. One can see the reaction on her face. She seemed completely lost against a veteran legal warrior.

Here is the video of the interview where Mr Jethmalani flays the media for conducting its own trial and prejudicing the people at large against the defendant. He speaks of professional ethics and says it will be a sad day for the country if lawyers refuse to take up cases saying that the people “feel” that the defendant is guilty.

He is right. The media is overstepping its bounds. How would Ms Ghose feel if she herself finds herself in the dock for some reason and all the lawyers out there refuse to take up her case because the people “feel” that she is guilty and most probably the public feel that way because there has been a incessant media campaign led by her rival channels against her?

The concept of lawyers in the Judiciary is a good one. Not everyone can be a legal expert and everyone needs the services of a professional lawyer to negotiate the maze of the Judicial process.Now if some lawyers are bad, corrupt and lie and cheat to win their cases you can say a lot against the people who have donned the black coat but you cannot say that we don’t need lawyers at all or that professional lawyers should listen to their “conscience” and desist from taking up cases where the people “already know” that the accused person is guilty.

We are a democracy and not a mobocracy. We are a democracy because of the rule of the law. If there was no rule of the law we won’t be a democracy for very long. And this rule of the law entitles every Indian citizen to the “due process of the law” whenever he/she is accused of any wrongdoing. Even if the said person pulled the trigger in front of 1 million people and everyone “knows” that he did it.

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6 responses to “Ram Jethmalani Flays the Media

  1. You are right when you say that all lawyers should not be malighned when a few maybe out of line.

    However in cases like Jesica lall and Priyadarshini Mattoo(where the judge also said that there was something fishy), what do you expect the media to do when there is obvious injustice. There have been cases of children of rich people killing people on the roads and getting away wtih with it because of fancy legal brains. In cases such as these, why should the media not rave and rant? What is the information revolution and mass communication for if not to serve justice.

    In many cases, the law in this country operates on the principle on ” Show me the man and I will show you the low”. As it is, the judidical system is notorious for its delays and people see it as a remedy worse than the disease. Then why should the media not take up the cause?

    Mahatma Gandhi in his autobiography has mentioned about a laywer’s profession being a liar’s profession. One can understand certain practical compulsions faced by lawyers but things get out of hand, people will lose thier faith in the law of the land and we may soon have Jungle Raj.

    Its only because of public amd media pressure that Priyadarshini Mattoo got justice.

  2. True, it is upto a lawyer if he feels that he can take up a case. That should not be swayed by public opinion. However, if a lawyer does not feel that he does not believe in a client’s case and hence will not be able to take up the case, that is his choice.
    It is the media’s role to report on things, including presenting opinions. I believe that they do that, although sometimes they do go over board.

  3. Hiren, i agree with everything u said. But i would like to add that even if each and every lawyer in the country was corrupt and manipulative to the core it still does not mean that we should do away with lawyers for good.

    Because what is then the alternative? the collapse of the rule of law and anarchy which hopefully none of us want.

    Public and media pressure is very much essential to make the authorities act and the judiciary too should get its act together. but the media should realise where to draw the line and stop being so self-righteous and respect the judicial process.


    good point.

  4. Dinkar

    Jethmalani is on the bull’s eye. The dumb witted Ghose kept saying the same thing again and again. She simply isn’t competent enough to understand Jethamalani’s statements. IBN is just giving job and work to her because she is Rajdeep’s wife…. Any responsible media house would have asked a better qualified person to conduct the interview. IBN is just fooling people and themselves.

  5. Dinkar

    IBN people know Jethmalani has crushed them with his solid defence. Now, they are trying to throw muck at the judiciary….. They will try that for some time.

  6. Anil

    Har! Har! Har! I simply loved the way she got on the senile old man’s nerves; I was hoping he’d have a heart attack right there and we could all go home happy, knowing he can no longer assist a convicted murderer.

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