Media Prefers to Project Radical Islamists as the Sole Representative Voice

Sharique of had an interesting thing to say in his post And this is why we need this blog! which really strikes the proverbial nail on the head.

“In the U.S., the old journalistic adage was `Jews is News’. In India, it seems, anything that shows Muslims as ignorant or fanatical helps propel TRP ratings, while rational comment is frowned upon as unhelpful. A Muslim MP was asked recently to take part in a TV debate on whether there should be reservation for Muslims. He agreed, but added that he would argue against it. The channel’s reporter then tried convincing him that “surely your community needs reservation.” When he didn’t agree, the channel lost interest in putting him on air.”

There you go! The media simply is not interested in the liberal muslims. They are not fun you see. They are boring just like you and me. They go to regular jobs and/or businesses, pay their taxes or not like anyone else, have women family members who are well educated and liberal too. They all return home from work and watch the same sitcoms and movies that you and me watch.

damn it we need some masala here!

So enter the fundamentalist icons and they are too happy to oblige the media and the pseudo-intellectuals with what they want to hear which according to sharique is “anything that shows Muslims as ignorant or fanatical (and) helps propel TRP ratings”.

I’am not in anyway playing down the actual and serious threat posed by the radical islamists to the world at large. What i’am pointing at is the leftist media’s penchant to play up and promote the radical islamic voice as the sole representative voice of the muslim community. They simply ignore and play down the liberal voices out there who are indeed speaking out against the radical islamists like Big pharaoh, Sandmonkey, The Religious Policeman, Saudi Jeans, Wafa Sultan and many, many more.

This has been a pattern which is too obvious. remember that the CPI/M and fellow comrades opposed APJ Abdul Kalam, a liberal muslim’s candidature to become the President of India tooth and nail while at the same time projecting themselves as the “champions” of the minorities. And the Sachar committee report itself says that their own West Bengal which they have ruled uninterrupted for 3 decades and Kerala have one of the worst social indices for muslims in the whole country.


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3 responses to “Media Prefers to Project Radical Islamists as the Sole Representative Voice

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  2. Well I think media needs money and liberal voices can’t get that so they have depend on fundamentalists to fill their pockets. Anything controversial and inciting is interesting right 🙂

  3. yes true, incitement and controversy boosts the TRP ratings and ad revenue 😉

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