Ab Dilli Door Nahin!

The latest casualty in the name change mania that is raging across the country since the last decade is Bangalore along with 10 other cities in the state of Karnataka. Henceforth Bangalore will be called as Bengalooru alongside Mysore- Mysooru, Mangalore- Mangalooru, Shimoga- Shivamogga, Belgaum- Belagavi, Gulbarga- Kalburgi, Hubli- Hubbali, Hospet- Hosapete, Chikamaglur- Chikkamagalooru, Bellary- Ballary and Tumkur- Tumakooru.

Before Bangalore became Bengalooru the country saw Trivandrum becoming Thiruvanthapuram along with 7 other cities in Kerala whose names were also changed at the same time, Bombay becoming Mumbai, Madras becoming Chennai and Calcutta becoming Kolkata.

The reason why this is being done NOW is because of those damned brits. They ruled this country for nearly 190 years(1757-1947) and yet never developed the intrinsic tongue muscles necessary to pronounce tongue twisters like Bendakaaloru, Mahisasurahuru, Mumbadevi etc…. and hence they following the wisdom of that age old proverb which says When you cannot do as the Romans do when in Rome, make the Romans do what you want to do and sneakily pulled down all the signboards at the middle of the night and changed the names of many places to suit their own stiff inanimate tongue.

But on the positive side the brits did find a way to enjoy the searing hot indian curry and pickles with a fire extinguisher at hand and an ambulance parked outside. They also wisely replaced toilet paper in their loos with a water hose like the locals just to be on the safer side.

So the main question here is how long before someone gets a brainwave about renaming the capital city of India, Delhi as Dilli, the Hindi pronounciation of the name? Not very long i suppose. With a increasingly beseiged, failing and incompetent leftwing UPA Government at the center it won’t be long before the tinkering heads at the UPA currently busy with trying to tinker with all the laws, norms and the constitution and coming up against the stonewall of a disapproving supreme court and an increasingly irate Indian people might try its hand at a little bit of chauvinism itself perhaps at a date closer to the General Elections scheduled to be held now a couple of years away in 2009 to improve its dwindling chances at the polls.

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One response to “Ab Dilli Door Nahin!

  1. Deepak

    Sir, a small correction, the ongoing exercise is a name-correction and not a name change like Madras or Bombay. In Kannada, even today we called Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru etc.


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