Comrade Hu is Coming

Our Chota Comrades are thrilled. The Great Yellow Khan is on his way and they are delirious with joy and happiness.They are buying new clothes and perfumes, distributing sweets and rolling out the red carpet for their master. They will be lining up on either sides of the streets with red flags and rose petals and their media will be singing choir songs in praise of their lord.

I ran into one of the chota comrades out on one of those streets that were to be graced by the Great Khan’s presence. They were all running around decking it up with huge cutouts of their master and planting red flags on all the electric poles. Their eyes watered wistfully dreaming about the day when their master soon returns with some tanks to ushur in the Worker’s paradise.

I managed to catch hold and speak to one of them.

Me– Excuse me Sir, may i know what this is all about?

Chota Comrade(with a surprised look on his face)- Comrade! Comrade! you don’t know what is happening. Comrade Hu is coming.

Me– Yes, that’s what i want to know sir. Who is coming?

CC– Exactly.Comrade Hu is coming, comrade.

Me(mildly irritated)- Stop addressing me as Comrade. Tell me what is happening and who is coming?

CC(almost shouting)- It is Hu, Hu is coming. Comrade Hu is coming?

Me(fully irritated)- Is it some kind of taboo that you should not take his name. Now will you just stop playing games and tell me who or what is coming?

CC– Ok! Ok! i will tell you more clearly. Hu, our great leader and comrade is coming. He is our master and we serve him with our life and will die at his one word.

Me(throwing my hands up in despair)- Ok!, who is this great leader and master for whom you are ready to die for.

CC(snapping to attention and giving a lal salaam)- Comrade Hu!

Me(shrugging my shoulders and rolling my eyes in despair)- Ok! if u don’t want to tell me the name of your master. It’s fine with me.

sidenote– Chinese president Hu Jintao will address joint sitting of Indian parliament and the plebians/parliamentarians have been summoned one week in advance to listen to the wisdom of the Great yellow Khan. The chota comrades are expected to be there in full strength.



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3 responses to “Comrade Hu is Coming

  1. cynical nerd

    Good one Apollo. It is shameful that the CPI/M (Chinese Puppets in India) with a handful of MPs in a couple of states are able to run India’s foreign policy.


  2. thanks prasanna & CN.

    CN, u r take on CPI/M is very apt ;).

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