Bangalore Fracas!

The hottest news out of Bangalore right now is the fracas involving two ViP kids. This particular bunch especially in our socialist mai-baap sarkar run country has a uncanny knack of getting into trouble and as usual their “illustrious” parents are always around to cover up and clean up after them with an impotent police force looking the other way; always ready to fudge the books in the hope of pleasing their masters and get a quickie promotion and a plum posting of their choice where they can line their pockets with full gusto.

Adam bidappa son of the “illustrious” fashion designer Prasad bidappa supposedly beat up a cop who either threatned or bad mouthed him and the employees of Hotel Empire allegedly beat up the grandson of the “humble farmer” who threatned and badmouthed them.Both incidents seem to have happened in the dead of the night when the sane, “respectable” people of the IT powered Garden city have gone home either to sleep or surf porn.

Before we go any further let me stress that there are no saints in this drama. There is no need to feel sorry for anyone here. kindly save your pity for some real deserving, hard working, honest, god fearing people on Mother Earth.

Today evening i was in Church street, ya the same one where that Hotel Empire is located. I saw a couple of policemen fully armed and dangerous with a .303 flung behind one of the cop’s back serving and protecting us in their own way. Mind you they have no guts to take on a 19 year old kid driving around a swiss hummer without a license just because he is the son of the current CM of karnataka and grandson of the former PM of India. They had instead picked on someone their own size, a bunch of college kids in a run down Maruti 800 who perhaps did not have influential dads who could get them out of a tight spot.I doubt very much whether they would have touched them if they were in a swiss hummer instead.

The latest news is that the police are trying to cover up the Nikhil Gowda incident but have arrested Adam bidappa. The Bangalore Police might be one of the most lazy, incompetent and head to toe corrupt police forces in the country, but they also are quite politically savvy. They know the CM’s/former PM’s son is out of bounds but Adam a mere fashion designer’s son is fair game atleast until some ViP makes that filmi phonecall and says Let him go in lieu of ofcourse a plum posting of their choice where they can line their pockets with full gusto.

Oh! how did we miss this one? There is one more incident involving yes another ViP kid, this one a former CM’s relative.Full cover up oops…. “investigation” is underway.


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