Chinese Soldiers Shoot innocent Tibetan Civilians in Cold Blood

Chinese border guards are shooting innocent Tibetans trying to escape to freedom in cold blood.

A Romanian TV crew caught this video footage on the border between Nepal and Occupied Tibet.

Video of Chinese commie dogs shooting human beings

And the thugs who rule China against the will of its people in beijing deny it as usual with their leftist crap-a-lot logic which will be dutifully repeated and the incident obfuscated and covered up by our braindead Indian media like NDTV, CNN-IBN, ToI(let) paper, The Hindu (Xinhua’s Chennai edition) etc… for them forgiving a convicted terrorist is more important a matter to hightlight(sic!).

This happened in broaddaylight in front of many foreign mountaineering groups and they got video to prove it, plus a hundred eye witnesses too. So China WTF are you upto? Stop lying and own upto your bloody crimes against humanity. The Olympics can wait until you become a civilised country.


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3 responses to “Chinese Soldiers Shoot innocent Tibetan Civilians in Cold Blood

  1. RS

    When Uncle Sam is least bothered with such Chinese human right violations why would anyone else be bothered?

    Economic might is all that matters today.

    Poor Tibetans. Is anyone out there to shed at least crocodile tears for them?

  2. Hi,

    Just read your comments on my blog.

    I visited your old blog…will you be keeping things this way? Or will you transfer all your posts from blogspot to wordpress?

    You are right about the superiority of wordpress.

  3. Apollo

    airavat, i moved to wordpress 4 months ago and while doing that i transferred all my old posts also to here.and one more good thing i found about WordPress is the uptime. the site rarely goes down and is more secure too.

    btw, i liked ur blog. your analysis of historical events and military matters is very good.

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