Martyr’s Wife Threatens to Return Medal

Kudos to this brave woman.She and many like her are the strength behind the valor and courage of our soldiers who guard our frontiers with their lives so that WE can lead a peaceful life in our cities, towns and villages across this great country; free of the fear of both foreign invasion and civil disturbances.

Parliament attack: Martyr’s wife threatens to return medal

A widow of a security assistant, who was killed in action while defending the Indian parliament against a terrorist attack, has protested the move to provide presidential clemency for Mohammed Afzal, the main accused in the attack and even threatened to return her husband’s bravery medal.

Prem Devi, widow of Jagdish Prasad Yadav, who was the first security official to alert the entire security apparatus in Parliament House when terrorists stormed it on December 13, 2001, threatened to return the gallantry award, the Ashok Chakra, given to her husband posthumously.

Yadav, a resident of Neem Ka Thana town in Sikar district of Rajasthan, laid down his life while fighting the terrorists.

“If government forgives the murderers of Indian soldiers then there remains no significance of such bravery award. It was like betraying the nation and the sacrifice of an officer, so it’s better to return Ashok Chakra,” Prem Devi said on Monday.

According to her, Ashok Chakra is a mark of respect for her martyr husband but if the accused go scot-free then it is of no use.

“It would not only demoralise the Indian security forces but would also promote such anti-national elements in the country,” said Prem Devi.

“If things goes this way then who would like a son or a husband to serve for the country,” she asked.

She said she has been waiting for a long time to see the culprits are brought to justice.

“Afzal has been found guilty even by the court of law then why should there be any politics over it. I would even urge other people to return their awards if clemency is given to him,” she added.

Also…Slain cops’ kin meet Kalam

New Delhi, October 10: Even as “heated debates” over granting clemency to Mohammed Afzal Guru, accused in the Parliament attack case, continued across the country.

The Media bias is quite apparent here. What “heated debate” are they talking about? The country is unanimous on the Hon’ble Supreme court decision that this rascal must go to the gallows. It is only the leftist thugs of which the UPA and the Media are a part who are thinking of letting the terrorist off.

The families of the policemen who died in the attack met President A P J Abdul Kalam this afternoon and gave a memorandum requesting him to uphold the Supreme Court’s decision to hang Afzal.

“There is no punishment under our law which would be fit for him… He should be hanged so that terrorists fear the rule of law and innocent people feel safe,” said Sardar Singh, father of late Om Prakash who was killed in the December 2000 attack.

“On Karva Chauth, I want my husband back, but I know it can’t happen. How can a person who is responsible for killing hundreds of innocent people be shown clemency,” said Ganga Devi, wife of late ASI Nanak Chand.

M.S. Bitta, former Cabinet minister who led the victim’s families to the President, blamed politicians for trying to influence the course of law from heading in the right direction.

p.s– But the Media yet shies away from publishing “heart rending” photographs of the victims family members though they have no issues in publishing the “tearful” photos of the terrorist’s son, wife, mother, father, uncle, neighbourhood tailor, sabzi wallah, dog, cat etc…


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