No Forgiveness for the Terrorist!!

‘No clemency for Afzal’

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Activists of the All India Anti-Terrorism Front hanged and burnt an effigy of Afzal during a protest in Amritsar on Thursday. The protestors urged the government not to show any mercy while dealing with the case.

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Activists of the Shiv Sena also protested in New Delhi, shouting anti-government slogans as they demanded that Afzal be hanged to death.

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Also in New Delhi, activists of the Indian Muslim Youth Front shouted slogans against Islamist militants and demanded that Afzal not be pardoned.

Other Voices:

BJP opposes clemency for Mohd Afzal

No leniency for Afzal: Digvijay Singh

P.S- There is an absolute overload of Afzal family images and quotable quotes from the family members in the media but try googling for the images of the Victims families or try finding any interviews of them. There aren’t any. Even though the family members of the guards who died defending the Parliament also met with the President and submitted a memorandum against forgiving this beast .

The Mainstream Media is clearly showing which side of the War against Terror they are on- The side of the Terrorists.


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6 responses to “No Forgiveness for the Terrorist!!

  1. Corporate Serf

    Daily Pioneer is running a series covering each victim personally each day. Really touching. Today they covered the police officer who died due to callous indifferent docs.

  2. I heard on Television that the members of the victimes met the president. I feel that the media should give them adqequate attention too.

  3. CS thanks, i’am trying to find it but the DP site is not very user friendly.
    Hiren, that they should but they won’t because it doesn’t suit their agenda.

  4. Sam

    Wanna bet he will be spared….wait and watch.

  5. Rover

    WHAT? If you hang this guy, he’ll just be reincarnated (this IS India, after all), maybe as a scorpion. Do you really want to have a terrorist scorpion on the loose?

    Think of the children, keep this man locked up in his mortal coil in a cell somewhere.

  6. Well I highly doubt that Afzal would be spared. Forget the country values, security…Congress will do so just to save their already burnt butts.

    But if this guy is able to get off…the all hell will break loose.

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