The “Misguided Youth” Might be Forgiven

The Human rights Mafia, The Vote-hungry Politicians, the left leaning intellectuals, students, MSM and ofcourse the so called “Youth” in J&K are running a carefully calibrated campaign to get Mohammed Afzal, the terrorist convicted in the parliament attack case off the hook.

The first step in this campaign was to have mass demonstrations and threaten more.

The second step was to send a not so subtle threat that carrying out the death sentence awarded to Afzal after a largely free and fair trial would cause more “alienation” in the valley.

Translation- we are going to immediately riot over here and then come over there to bomb and kidnap and kill more innocents in your buses, trains, planes and market places if you hang him. This is called blackmail.

The third step which involves mutual back scratching by the left-wing media, the intellectual class and the Human rights mafia is to make it into a sob story by bringing in Afzal’s aged mother, sister, wife and six year old kid into the picture.The family has submitted a “mercy” petition to the President of India on the terrorist’s behalf. If there is any proof needed that the Indian media indulges in anti-Indian propoganda this is it. They are openly trying to manipulate public opinion by twisting it into a emotional issue rather than just report the news as it is like they claim to do.

Due credit should be given to Mr M.S. Bitta, Chairman of the Anti-terrorist Front who has short-circuited this cynical craft of the propogandist media by leading a delegation of the families of those killed in the attack to submit a memorandum to the President asking him not to show any clemency to this terrorist.

The BJP too has opposed any mercy to the terrorist and has charged that the UPA is soft on terrorism. That is an understatement considering the track record of the UPA government which has tried to go easy on everyone from Islamic terrorists to Naxalites to the terrorist organisations in the North-east. They seem to be calculating everything in terms of Votebanks and it has paralysed them from taking any strong action. In this case the communist parties who hold nearly 60 seats in parliament and whose support is crucial for the UPA’s survival have firmly sided with the “save the terrorist” movement putting the spineless Manmohan Singh administration in a tight spot.



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4 responses to “The “Misguided Youth” Might be Forgiven

  1. It seems that the administration is perpetually spineless. Sparing the guilty does send a wrong message. Wait and watch what happens.

  2. Hiren, The way these sickulars are raising a seems like he might get away with it. Our country is too soft on terrorism.

  3. Good one Apollo. Who do you think is behind this engineered protests. Looking at the photos of Afzal’s son behing shown around the media, it appears like a professional job.

    The same intellectual class who rallies behind Supreme Court if it suits their ‘secular’ politik is now crying against it. I wonder why Supreme Court has not initiated contempt of court against them.


  4. hi CN, Welcome back :).where have u been? u have not been blogging lately?

    @on topic

    I think the present ruling and intellectual clique is a gone case. The media is a whore for Special interest groups. It will take nothing short of a revolution to stop this lunacy.

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