ToI(let) Paper’s Miserable Deductive Logic

I was stunned when i read this obtuse and inane article in the largest selling English language tabloid in India i.e., The Times of India also popularly and affectionately known as ToI(let) Paper. Yesterday it published a frothing at the mouth rant against all bloggers(read its response below) and today yet again it is a blogger called Reality Check who has taken its moth-eaten credibility to the cleaners. Maybe that is why they were so angry with the blogging community in the first place.

Read this article published in ToI(let) paper today.

‘OBCs outscore general merit students’

BANGALORE: The great OBC myth has been busted. The biggest concern of the anti-reservation activists that introduction of castebased reservations in higher education institutes would deteriorate the quality of education has been debunked.

The final report of the Oversight Committee headed by M Veerappa Moily to be submitted to PM Manmohan Singh will be backed by strong case studies from southern states, including Karnataka, to establish how OBC students have been consistently outscoring general category and SC/ST students.

Sample this study on the performance of OBC students in Karnataka’s engineering colleges. The study pertained to the admission and performance of four batches of students in Visvesvaraya Technological University between 1998-2002 and 2001-2005.

While OBC students have a pass percentage of 93.01 to 97.4, general merit students recorded just 66.09 to 94.77 from the 1998-2000 batch to 2001-2005 batch.

The percentage of first class with distinction among OBC students was between 37.7 and 42.38,while among SC/ST students it was between 9.32 and 11.90 in the same period.

ToI is trying to twist the reservation debate just like CNN-IBN tried a few months before. If anything this study proves what we have suspected all along, that the Reservation system is broken and the creamy layer among the OBC communities have cornered all the benefits leaving the poorer sections among the OBC’s with absolutely no opportunities for upward mobility.

How do i know this? My life experience tells me so 😉

There is a very urgent need to take steps to exclude the creamy layer among the OBC’s from the Reservation system infact we can safely drop some castes themselves since many of them have awailed reservation benefits for atleast 2-3 generations and can longer be called backward.

The benefits must accrue only to the Poorer sections where the kids are many times among the first in the whole family or perhaps even the whole village to step into a institution of higher learning. It is absolutely unfair to ask him or her  to compete for the same reserved seat with a creamy layer kid whose family has awailed the benefits of reservations for atleast 2-3 generations, everyone from his grandfather to uncles to aunts to cousins and brothers and sisters are now either doctors, lawyers, engineers etc… some of them even settled abroad and according to this study that creamy layer kid is anyway perfectably capable of thriving in a open competitive environment.


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