Deja Vu Again!

The Mumbai Police are claiming that they have solved the Mumbai 7/11 blasts case and they know who did it.

Hint- It is not those pesky Amazonian Red Indians, no not even those troublesome Eskimoes

It is hold your breath- Our own good neighbour, no not Bhutan.

Mumbai cops’ claim baseless: Pakistan

Pakistan on Saturday termed as baseless and fabricated the Mumbai police’s finding that its intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence masterminded the July 11 train blasts and said it was aimed at maligning the country.


While the Pakistan Foreign Office was yet to react, Minister of State for Information Tariq Azam rejected the claim and said India can provide any evidence it has and that Pakistan will investigate it.

Nitin Pai of the Acorn wonders whether the so called “joint institutional mechanism against Terrorism” of the Havana fame can be put to use here. It won’t be of any use since the Pakistanis simply lie to our face and what are we gonna do about it?

This is not some day to day crime, it is an ACT OF WAR and it should be dealt as such. No need to waste time on conducting investigations, rounding up the ISI’s footsoldiers et al. I think our time of reckoning has come.


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3 responses to “Deja Vu Again!

  1. sikkimrules

    This comment is regarding an old entry on your old blog regarding the chinese recognition of Sikkim- the whole article smacks of mainland India’s apathy and historical ignorance of Sikkim. Till date the Indian govt. has not been able to give a clear description of the circumstances that led to the annexation of Sikkim. That whole period is very murky full of unfinished details. Why did the govt of India think it fit to meddle inthe internal affairs of a protectorate when it had agreed by a treaty in 1950 to only ‘safeguard its foreign and defence interests’. Even if India had stepped in to sort out the disturbances caused by a pro-democracy movement in the kingdom, as it says, it still doesnt provide answers to why the govt. of India had to rush in to hold a plebicite in 72 hours and how the culmination of an independent kingdom’s movement for democracy should have been a suddender of its political freedom to merge with India.
    These questions cannot be answered so easily. Sikkim was just a pawn in New Delhi’s Chinese game. The people in Sikkim are still as bewildered as then as to exact turn of events and it doesnt help that ‘democratic’ India inserted a clause in the merger document that says that the merger is outside of the purview of even the highest court in the country! Its the only thing in the constitution that the Supreme Court of India cannot comment on. With such a history to the annexation is it really surprising that China finds fair ground in denying the right of India to Sikkim? If you had researched your history better, perhaps you would not so callously have equated the brutal annexation of a friendly neighbouring country as anywhere symbolising the national pride of a country which prides itself on being the worlds largest democracy

  2. The majority of the people of Sikkim in a referendum agreed to join the Indian union. Now there will always be people like the Chinese or some others who feel that the people should have voted No but they didn’t and that’s historical fact.
    The integration was not brutal in anyway like u claim.The people of sikkim enjoy full rights as any Indian citizen.
    Infact it is the Chinese annexation of Tibet which is inhumane and brutal.The boot is on the other foot.The chinese imperialists still deny Tibetans their rights in their own country.

  3. Zamir

    Just wondering if Kashmiris can have the same rights and use referendum to leave India?

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