The UN Secretary-General Post Goes To….

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon has won an informal UN Security Council vote to find Secretary General Kofi Annan’s successor, diplomats say.

The 15 members of the Security Council voted on seven candidates in their third secret ballot on Thursday.

Mr Ban comfortably beat Shashi Tharoor, the Indian UN Undersecretary General for public information who came second.

Mr Annan is due to step down at the end of the year after heading the organisation since 1997.

It was certain from the word go that Shashi Tharoor wouldn’t make it. The UN system is not a free and fair democracy, the candidates are chosen in behind the doors deals between different competing powers and interests and usually the least controversial candidate is chosen.

The US was emphatic from the beginning that it wants someone who was not a UN insider ruling out Shashi Tharoor who has spent all his career in the United Nations.

The OIC voting bloc would not support an Indian candidate because that would displease Pakistan.

China wouldn’t want an Indian Secretary-General no matter what they say in Public and what we pretend to believe in Public.

Given this scenario it is a a mystery why our “wonderful”(sic!) UPA government decided to throw its hat into the ring. It was a futile exercise all the way.

Update: Shashi Tharoor Withdraws from the UNSG race.

Why it was such a futile effort in the end- The Lesson from New York

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