How Will You Likely be Insulted by the Macaca Guy?

The George Allen Insult Generator

He called an Indian-American student who was tailing his campaign a “Macaca”. Later he explained that he “did not know, what it means”.

But it did not end there….

A handful of the Virginia senator’s former football teammates claim he repeatedly used the word nigger. The New York Times wrote on Tuesday that two of Allen’s former acquaintances recall that he said the word. Allen has denied the allegations. “The story and his comments and assertions in there are completely false,” he told the Associated Press. “I don’t remember ever using that word and it is absolutely false that that was ever part of my vocabulary.”

Seems like he has a canned excuse for insulting anyone. “Geez, i dunno what it meant, honest”.

But then he forgot that this particular Macaca was holding a camera to his face. Stupid humanoid- thou who walketh on two legs while putting one of those feet in own mouth (in front of a camera??) instead of a Banana.

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