Was it Bin Laden’s Funeral?

In the light of the unconfirmed intelligence reports about Bin laden’s death in late August due to a water-borne illness. Was it Bin Laden’s funeral that was being attended to by nearly 200 of the Taliban’s top leadership?

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US Military missed bombing a Funeral attended by Taliban Leaders

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. military acknowledged Wednesday that it considered bombing a group of more than 100 Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan but decided not to after determining they were on the grounds of a cemetery.

The decision came to light after an NBC News correspondent’s blog carried a photograph of the insurgents. Defense department officials first tried to block further publication of the photo, then struggled to explain what it depicted.

NBC News claimed U.S. Army officers wanted to attack the ceremony with missiles carried by an unmanned Predator drone but were prevented under rules of battlefield engagement that bar attacks on cemeteries.

It might be idle speculation. But why would nearly 200 Taliban leaders turn up for a funeral if it was not of some important guy?

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