The Argumentative Indian Strikes Again

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The Argumentative Indian and his fellow henchmen want India to Sign Up without thinking

Asking India to support the proposed ‘Global Arms Trade Treaty’ set to be discussed at the United Nations General Assembly next month, a confederation of NGOs from across the world Wednesday said the treaty would “help” New Delhi stem the constant inflow of illegal weapons into the country.

According to Oxfam, 55 countries have already extended their support to the arms trade treaty, the draft of which was “prepared” by 18 Nobel laureates from different parts of the world, including Professor Amartya Sen.

That shows that there is a stinking fish somewhere. If the Argumentative Indian supports this then it definitely aint good for India.We must really read the fine print, like they say the devil is in the details.


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4 responses to “The Argumentative Indian Strikes Again

  1. These are all superficial measures. Real transformation has to be from within.

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  3. totally agree with hiren….
    in india borders r porus… if u cannot control infiltration… controling pieces of guns and ammunition is unthinkable

  4. Devanampriya Piyadassi

    Interestingly, since you mention the title of Sen’s little Marxist rag, here is a review of the book that exposes it for the Islamist revisionism it really is:

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