Absolutely Shameful and Ridiculous!

PM Manmohan Singh seems to have caved in and lost it completely. He should be urgently hospitalised for a nervous breakdown rather than just a stockholm syndrome.

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NEW DELHI (Reuters) – A proposed India-Pakistan pact to jointly fight terrorism deserves a “fair trial”, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, but would be “threatened” if Islamabad does not “do more to curb” militant groups.

Frankly this fellow simply doesn’t remember or know or wish to be reminded of what happened to all such magnanimous gestures made towards Pakistan starting from MK Gandhi’s gesture of giving 50 crores of Rupees to Pakistan while it was engaged in Ghazi style raids in the erstwhile princely state of Kashmir to the Tashkent appeasement by LB Shastri to the Shimla appeasement by Indira Gandhi right down to the Lahore appeasement by AB Vajpayee.

“Fair trial” my foot!!

“I do think it is a new beginning. I hope it works, but if does not work, then also we have to deal with the consequences,” Singh told reporters on board his aircraft before he returned to New Delhi late on Monday.

This one ranks right up there with Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time” appeasement of Hitler and the consequences will have to be dealt by us not by a 75 year old man who might not live very long. But then our entire political and bureucratic establishment is made up of such cowards whose only bravery if any is in their criminal records where they might have beaten up some professor or shutdown valentine day’s celebrations or at the most killed or maimed someone who was too weak to resist.And when they are confronted with real demons they are programmed to just cave in and Submit.

“Islamabad rejects Indian allegations that it allows its territory to be used for organizing militant attacks in India.”

Nothing has changed. Pakistan will simply stonewall and lie to his face. What the hell is he going to do about it? This bloody agreement is practically DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

and this man was so unnerved that he meekly parroted Bush and Blair’s line that “Pakistan too has been a victim of terrorism”.

Can he give one single example of Pakistan having been victimised by “Foreign sponsored terrorism in a sustained way”. Most of the so called “terrorist acts” on Pakistani soil have been largely Shias and Sunnis gunning for each other’s throats or the Paki Army going riot against its own in East Bengal, Sindh, Balochistan, PoK etc…

And it has been just 2 years since this useless government came to power. We have 3 more years to endure.

Former Phillipines President Fidel Ramos was right when he said that “Six years was too little for a good president but too long for a bad one”. Likewise 2 years has already been too much for this pathetic guy who became India’s PM ONLY because there was no better peon available to do Sonia Maino Gandhi’s bidding.

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3 responses to “Absolutely Shameful and Ridiculous!

  1. If you ask me, all these stupid talks are all a farce and it would do nobody any harm if they are not even reported. You have correctly pointed out that this softpeddling needs introspection.

  2. RS

    My feeling is that we are under intense US pressure to tow their line on Pakistan if we want the nuke deal. Even the Havana meet with Mush was doubtful and when they meet, our PM gives us such a “bombshell”. IMO the Commeis are right – our MEA is based out of Capitol Hill.

    Only a stupid would do such a deal with Pakistan after Mumbai and Malegaon terror outrages.

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