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India, Pakistan to set up anti-terror mechanism

Taking a significant step to build trust, India and Pakistan today decided to set up a joint anti-terrorism institutional mechanism and agreed to resume the foreign secretary-level talks soon.

A Joint Statement issued after the meeting said the two countries will continue search for “mutually-acceptable options” for a “peaceful negotiated settlement of all issues, including Kashmir, in a sincere and purposeful manner.”

The two leaders, who met in the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts which led to a chill in the bilateral ties, “strongly condemned all acts of terrorism”.

Agreeing that terrorism is a scourge that needs to be dealt with, Singh and Musharraf decided to put in place an “India-Pakistan anti-terrorism institutional mechanism to identify and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations.”

This is why the rest of the world does not take India seriously when we say that Pakistan is the epicenter of Islamic Terrorism.

Why should the world take us seriously when our Government doesn’t care for all the hundreds of civilians that were killed by Pakistani based terrorist groups, the most recent one being the Mumbai and Malegaon blasts and still our gutless PM goes on to shake hands with the terrorist leader?

The curse on the Indian nation called the MEA simply regarded the “unfortunate incidents” as a cool off period before resuming its chai-pani-biscut talks with the terrorist state when things have “settled down”.

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