Putting things in their Proper Context

The Leftist-Liberal Media has created one more mess of a fight regarding the Pope’s remarks and the Muslim world’s over-reaction to it and surely none of them in the whole drama neither the MSM, the Op-ed writers, the journalists, the Pakistani parlimentarians, the protestors etc… have bothered to do two very, very important things.

1) Read the Full text of the Pope’s speech.

2) Find out who was Manuel 2 Paleologus.

That is the whole problem facing today’s world saturated with information. We just don’t have the time to go beyond the headlines. We depend on the MSM to keep us informed and they either

1) Do a dreadful, incompetent job of it

2) Deliberately stoke the flames to sell more copies and ad-time or

3) Are so very biased that they can only see and interpret the world through their leftist-liberal worldview.

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Filed under Freedom of Speech & Information, History, India and the World, International Politics, Media

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