Musharraf Blames Uncle Sam for Pakistani Terrorism

West responsible for extremism: Musharraf

BRUSSELS, Sept. 13, 2006: President General Pervez Musharraf has blamed the West for breeding terrorism in his country by bringing in thousands of mujahideen to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and then leaving Pakistan alone a decade later to face the armed warriors.

Musharraf told the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee on Tuesday that Pakistan was not the intolerant, extremist country often portrayed by the West, and terrorism and extremism were not inherent in Pakistani society. Whatever extremism or terrorism is in Pakistan is a direct fallout of the 26 years of warfare and militancy around us. It gets back to 1979 when the West, the United States and Pakistan waged a war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Musharraf told EU lawmakers.

We launched a jihad, brought in mujahideen from all over the Muslim world, the US and the West.We armed the Taliban and sent them in; we did it together. In 1989 everyone left Pakistan with 30,000 armed mujahideen who were there, and the Taliban who were there, he said, adding that Pakistan had paid a big price for being part of the coalition that fought the Soviet Union.

Well for starters Taliban was not one of the militias which was established during the Anti-Soviet operation. It was founded only in the mid 90’s, 1994 to be precise.

And secondly It was General Zia ul Haq who chose which groups needed to be funded and which ones were to be left out. And it was Gulbudin Hekmatyar’s faction which received the most aid. This guy is still active on the side of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and some of his chums were picked up this week in a NATO raid in southern Afghanistan.

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One response to “Musharraf Blames Uncle Sam for Pakistani Terrorism

  1. anonymous

    Musharraf may have got the date of formation of Taliban wrong. But he is right about US creating jihadi terrorists to fight Russians in Afghanistan – Osama started his career with this. Those days they were called ‘resistance fighters’ – not terrorists.

    But it isn’t clear why Musharraf wants to embarrass his masters by choosing to say this now. sign of desperation?

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