9/11 Attacks, Five Years On

Five years ago Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four Airplanes and slammed them into the Twin World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. The fourth one most probably meant for the White House or Capitol Hill was thwarted by the passengers and crashed into rural Pennsylvania.

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America is commemorating this tragic event.

There have been a series of Articles on this subject in both the MSM and the Blogs.

Mark Schulman of American Future.net has listed a bibliography of all the articles that are being published on the topic.

9/11+5 -Bibliography and 9/11+5 -Bibliography- part 2

ABC News produced a docudrama called “Path to 9/11” which was prevented from being aired by the Democrat party. The Democratic party senators even threatened ABC News with dire consequences with a not so subtle hint about cancelling its broadcast license if this was aired.

Redstate.com has put up six clips of that docudrama under the title.ABC’s “Path to 9/11”: The Video Democrats DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE.

Why are they so worried i wonder? It should be noted here that the Democratic party of the United States is of the leftist-liberal bent of mind very similar to the Indian Congress party and its numerous clones. And as we all know the leftists “care” for liberty and Freedom of Speech only as long as it suits them else they go straight for censorship and intimidation.

A more damning video taken by a predator drone of bin laden in a Al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan shows how close the US forces were in taking out the accursed fellow. Who really botched up?

David Selbourne the Author of the The Losing Battle with Islam wonders whether the West can defeat the Islamist threat?

Owen Johnson a retired career intelligence anayst in his five part essay titled Reasons for Optimism has detailed the strategy for the War on Terror and explains why everything is not doom and gloom as it seems. He also mulls on ways to outflank the leftist “useful idiots” who are cheering for the Terrorist side and trying to undermine the resolve of the civilised world.

Fjordman wonders whether there is any difference at all between so called Moderate Muslims and Islamic Radicals in his essay on GatesofVienna.

And not to be left behind Al-jazeera, the terrorist network of choice has released some commemorative videos on the occasion showing atleast two of the 9/11 hijackers with bin laden.

CNN pipeline will be broadcasting CNN’s original TV coverage of 9/11/2001 in real time in its entirety starting at 8.30AM(EST) till midnight. It is approximately 12pm GMT/ 5.30pm IST on Monday.

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