Rocket Missiles seized from Naxalites

This should really ring alarm bells in the Indian security establishment. If Nepal comes under Maoist domination then we could easily have a South Lebanon type situation on our hands. Where a small entrenched militia could easily fire rockets into Indian territory. And it looks like China is aiming for just that.They are planning to extend the Qinghai-Tibet railway to the Nepal border so that they could easily supply arms to the Maoists, smuggle their cheap slave labour made goods into the Indian market and have the option of rapidly deploying its armies to the Tibetan plateau.

600 rocket missiles seized in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad: In the biggest arms haul in Andhra Pradesh, the police have seized 600 rocket launchers in Mahabubnagar district meant to be used by Maoist guerrillas.

The weapons were recovered late on Thursday from a warehouse of a transport company at Atchampet, about 150 km from here. A man was arrested in this connection.

The police said the rocket missiles, which were ready to be filled with explosives, were meant to be transported to Nallamalla forests, the stronghold of the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist.

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