Radio Mirchi NOT Following Up on Prize Announcements

There have been many complaints that Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM does not distribute prizes announced on its shows towards its listeners properly. Here is one of the comments on a previous thread by one of the visitors of this blog.

RadioMirchi has a horrible prize winners followup..A call is made to the winner initially and no details are provided of when,how and where the prizes will be sent.I think all this is a promotional activity and there is no intention to reward the winners. It is sad that a Radio station in its budding years is getting into the bad books of many listeners and winners..Hope this message reaches the right people at radiomirchi…

Comment by Ashwini – September 4, 2006

This was again conformed by people on other online RM communities on Orkut and others.

RM 98.3 FM has a habit of announcing prizes left, right and center all through the day. The impression being created is that they are overly generous in handing out prizes but if they have no intention of following through then they risk alienating their audience.

Well RM has 2 choices in this matter

1) It can deny the problem or

2) It can fix the problem by seeing what is going on, who is responsible etc…

But if this is being done intentionally then never mind there is always choice no 1 -deny the problem and shoot the messengers.



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4 responses to “Radio Mirchi NOT Following Up on Prize Announcements

  1. aneesh

    i think radio mirchi rocks .and they do give away the prizes properlyi have got nearly 6 to 7 prizes from mirchi and all are sakaath hot maga

  2. Vaishali Khandelwal

    From where to get the Radio Mirch prizes ??

  3. I think you should contact their office.

  4. Anjana

    I have won 2 times and they have p ut me on air and they have anounced my name and i did say thank you aswell .Repeated calls to their office and sms no response they have stupid lines like we will call back and call doesnot happen it is bull shit how they cheat people