Blasts in Malegaon

Exactly two months after the Mumbai 7/11 blasts there is one more terrorist attack on innocent civilians doing nothing more than going about their daily lives.

30 killed, 56 injured in blasts in Malegaon

Thirty people were killed and 56 injured in twin blasts in a mosque and a market in the textile town of Malegaon in Nashik district, 180 km from Mumbai.

The blasts took place when a large number of people gathered in the graveyard to offer prayers for their dead relatives on the occasion of Shab-e-barat, considered in Islam the holiest night. The injured have been rushed to the Wadia Hospital and other hospitals in the town while some of the grievously injured were moved to Nasik, about 100km from Malegaon, for treatment, sources said. A stampede broke out immediately after the blasts as devotees, including children, rushed out of the narrow gate in panic with many of them trampling over the dead bodies and those seriously injured.

Update: Death toll rises to 37, over 100 injured.

Who did it? ToI on a wild guessing spree. There was a similar thing by Manoj Joshi on Headlines Today TV yesterday evening. The Indian Media has been very irresponsible in reporting as usual with its reports full of speculations, wild guess work and ofcourse the usual total disrespect for the dead. The morning newspapers have been splashed with pictures of dead bodies and the seriously injured.

p.s- Editing Timestamp to keep this story on Top.

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One response to “Blasts in Malegaon

  1. This is totally shameful act….
    Bloody hell, Why you kill innocent people?
    Is there any end to terrorism?

    Atleast now government should take serious action (and stop political interference in ATS)

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