India Prevents Nepal Army from getting Arms

In one of the dumbest moves from a Indian National Interest perspective but perhaps a very good masterstroke from the Leftist perspective (wink, wink, nudge, nudge ).

India shoots down double bid by Nepal to get arms

Kathmandu, Sept 1 (IANS) In a “covert” manoeuvre that is bound to “affect” the ongoing “peace talks” with the Maoist guerrillas(terrorists), Nepal’s new government tried to get arms and ammunition from Europe but both bids were shot down by the Indian government.

The last time i checked Nepal was a sovereign state recognised by more than 150 countries across the world. It is also a member of the United Nations. It has every right to buy arms that it feels it needs for its own protection.

A huge shipment of 12.7 mm machineguns, ammunition, missiles and probably other weapons bought from Emco Ltd in Sofia, Bulgaria, was scheduled to reach Kathmandu last month.Along with a cargo of aircraft equipment from Sue Orsha Aircraft of Belarus, that could include pods to carry and shoot rockets, the arms cache was shipped to the Master General of Ordnance of the Nepal Army through Russian transporter Kosmos Air Company.Kosmos had shipped the cargo in two AN-12 aircraft.

So far so good……..

However, neither the senders nor the intended recipients had taken into account that the aircraft would have to pass through Indian air space.

Translation- Maybe they both thought that the Indian government will give a quite go ahead since it was well within India’s National Interests to see that the Nepal Army is well stocked, armed and strong enough to maintain effective control over its territory.

Big mistake!

The first one, while trying to reach Kathmandu via western Indian Gujarat state three days ago, was blocked by the Indian authorities and forced to land at the Ahmedabad Airport.

Shortly after the debacle, a second aircraft sought permission to land at Mumbai airport for refuelling before heading for Kathmandu but was denied permission.

For the uninitiated India’s foreign policy establishment was never geared towards the promotion and safeguarding of India’s National Interests. It acts like a leftist NGO movement in pursuance of that “warm, fuzzy feeling” inside which one gets during festive seasons like Christmas or Diwali or the one you get when you help little old ladies cross the street or when you agree to donate one day’s salary to some noble cause promoted by some yes, leftist NGO.

In its 59 year history since independence the Indian foreign policy establishment has promoted Utopian ideals like “Panchsheel”, NAM etc… It has consistently bartered away strong Indian positions for zilch. During the 1965 war it gave away the Haji Pir pass for nothing, in 1971 it gave away 93,000 Paki POW’s for nothing, it was about to parcel out Siachen quite recently again for nothing more than that “warm fuzzy feeling” inside. Again it is trying to do the same thing w.r.t to the Indo-US Nuclear deal. While the US is sharply focused on its own interests the Indian Foreign policy establishment is more focused on maintaining that new found “warm fuzzy feeling” between India and the US. The US well aware of the situation is giving swollen headed Indian diplomats and politicians more attention than they deserve by pandering to their egos and extracting their pound of flesh in return.

The Chinese and Pakistanis mastered that art long ago they have been selling placebos to the Indian foreign policy establishment for the last 59 years and extracting their pound of flesh. Just look at the pattern and it all becomes so very obvious.

And to close the loop the Indian leftist establishment has mastered the art of selling placebos to the Indian public, from Nehru’s speech on Aksai Chin to the PM Manmohan singh’s latest hoodwink act against the Indian Nuclear scientists.

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2 responses to “India Prevents Nepal Army from getting Arms

  1. We criticize the US for the nuclear non proliferation treaty questioning their credentials. Who are we to stop Nepal. It is obviously incorrect. Rajiv Gandhi tried to play big brother in Sri lanka by sending troops there and paid for it with his life. Why can’t we mind our own business. Nepal is not even the size of some of our states.

  2. Hiren, the unfortunate thing is our foreign policy mandarins never learn from past mistakes.

    Just like back in srilanka in the 1980’s they are now going to make India be hated and non-trusted by all sides.

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