How Silly am i?

I took a nice, all time fantastic, breathtaking pic of Moi during one of Bangalore’s infamous irregularly regular power kaputs 😦

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Sakshi asked me and now i ask the same question to Nila, RS, the Mutineers, Pradhan mantri, Rama, sandeep and shachi. How silly can u really be? 😉

p.s-Other silly fellas in the blogosphere who replied to the clarion call were Gaurav, Akshay, Amit, saket, nilu, Great Bong, Patrix, Neha, n, kingsley, Bombay Addict, shoefiend.


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10 responses to “How Silly am i?

  1. Where’s the photo, my friend? Or is it my browser playing games with me?

  2. Smart Ass…you !! 😉

  3. n

    why am i ‘little n’ here as well. This little business is like contagion. And where’s the pic 🙂

  4. @Gaurav & n, thanks to the Bangalore power(less) company my great photo, a great piece of art came out blank. 😦


    hehe 😉


    sorry galti se mistake ho gaya. i will fix that right away. 🙂

  5. n

    ah yes. the pic is still blank. but at least I’m n now. thank you. I feel all grown up now 🙂

  6. U r Welcome “n” 😉

  7. hahah hey I can’t see a damn thing…or is that meant to be intentional – the infamous power cut being the ‘image’ in focus!

  8. yes that power cut ruined my greatttt phottu 😦

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