Fatwa on Life Insurance?!

I was dumbfounded when i read this.Deoband’s latest fatwa: Muslims can’t insure

The Darul Ifta of Deoband, the body authorised to issue fatwas, issued a fatwa saying that interest earned on bank deposits as well as insurance of life is illegal as per the Shariat, the supreme law for Muslims. And that Muslims should not go in for insurance or assurance of life which has been given to them by Allah.

The fatwa, issued by Mohammad Zafeeruddin non August 7, in consultation with the two muftis of Darul Uloom, Deoband says: “Life insurance is not permissible because there is interest income in it as well as gambling, which are illegal under Shariat.”

The fatwa was issued in response to a question from one Saleem Chisti from Lucknow who was approached by an insurance company to buy a policy and become an agent.

Do these guys have any idea of what they are doing? In this day and age can any family do without insurance? what if the primary bread earner in the family gets incapacitated or dies all of a sudden? who will feed their families, educate their kids and marry off the daughters?

And why is there not even a murmur of protest from our “sickular” politicians or our hyperactive leftist-liberal media? Where is medha patkar, shabana azmi, Arundhati Roy, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose? Why have they not said anything at all?

If some religious leader from the majority community had given a similar absurd ruling then surely these “sickular” cabal would have raised a massive hue and cry by now. But when it comes to Islamic fundamentalists……..never mind.

Here is a little background on the Deoband. They are quite a influential seminary. So influential infact that they are the ideological basis of the Taliban. Now we all know what the Taliban did during their rule in Afghanistan.

Update: Mohib of IndianMuslims.in has also posted on this controversy- Things People Do And Stuff Journos Make Up

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18 responses to “Fatwa on Life Insurance?!

  1. RS

    I was dumbfounded when I heard this news yesterday. The fatwas are followed to the T mostly in North India. In the South, muslims are far more advanced and many of them practice family planning, etc. Insurance industry is doing very well in India and today there are packages affordable for every strata of the society. I dont think this fatwa will deter South Indian Muslims from going in for insurance.

    Yesterday, “AajTak” made this the main point of discussion. I hope others follow today.

  2. Apollo

    Yes, these nuts are exploiting simple folk who take their utterances as commands. They need to be told in no uncertain times to keep quite and stick to religious duties and not interfere in politics or anywhere else. But who is going to bell the cat? certainly not our “sickular” politicians and media who won’t recognise secularism even if it bit them on the nose.

  3. @ RS

    Which fatwa was followed to the T in North India? As much as I know, every party that Bukharis supported through their stupid fatwas in the past 15 years lost elections.

    @ Apollo

    You have every right to criticise the fatwa. Indian Express report had some factual inaccuracies, I have written about them here. I would be really thankful if you add a disclaimer in your post.

    See you around,

  4. sure mohib. i will add a link to ur post.


  6. Bilal ahmad

    dear readers ,
    At the end of the day these interests banking system and the life insurance polices are more in the benifite of few classes of people(capatalists)not in the benifite of masses of poeple. i my self work in the mortgage banking (quitinng it soon insha allah)in one of the Mnc in bangalore , i am quitiing it as my religion makes me to think of the other people also, who loose there houses not able to pay huge interests on the loans because of any genuine reason. the people whome i dont know and never met them ,for them i have to quite this good paying job. this is the true method of establishing humanity , that is why religion is prhabiting us these interest kind of stuffs.
    May CREATOR take all readers from darkness to light , and from ignorence to truhth

  7. Azhar Mahmood

    I got stumped to read this article and comments. I am no scholar so I cannot comment on this Fatwa, but I will do my best to try to find out its health.

    However I want to bring the attention of my friends to this fact. It is OUR religious responsibility to do research in order to find out the legality of matters in the light of Shariah Law.

    It’s so absurd that we want to honor those Fatwas which are in our interest and we are so offended if a Fatwa seems to limit our financial gains.

    May Allah put us in our hearts and minds that the true gain for a Muslim is to secure life “here-after” and may Allah give us courage to sacrifice these financial benefits if they are clearly in contradiction with Islamic teachings.

    May Allah be our prime insurer in this life and the life here-after.

  8. any one of u can tell me about the fatwa given by different scholers about the life insy=urance

  9. irfan

    dear all,
    i am not a regular visitor over here. it is just a co-incidence that i found several opinions at this forum on the subject of insurance. my association with the largest private sector life insurance co. in pakistan is now over 11 years and i have gone through several fatwas and opinions on this particular topic.
    i wont say anything that can hurt anyone’s feelings because that is the biggest sin, i believe, but let me hold you all here to just think for a second.
    Qur’an says: “Wallah o Khairur Raziqeen” then why do we have to work? we should confine ourself in our homes and Rizq will come and that surely will. we all believe. but try to find RIZQ is God’s command. is it not?
    Qur’an says: ” Wallah o Khairul Hafezeen”…. then why do we have to lock our homes from inside when we sleep? why do we have to put several locks when we go out? why do we have to lock our cars when we park somewhere?
    here i would agree with one of you who said, we all accept those conditions which are favourable and reject which are not favourable as immediate response and life assurance is one of that kind that does not fill your immediate WANT. it compels you to sacrifice your today’s WANTS for tomorrows NEEDS.
    so friends, the only thing that differenciates us from animals is “we can think or plan”. try to observe, we have no difference otherwise.
    please study the subject and understand. and everyone of you would have experieced that it is very easy to convince someone on a negative but it take years to create a positive belief.
    irfan – karachi

  10. Mohd Nasir Khan

    M a Development Officer in LIC of India based in Manipur.Since my joining in the said Corp. I began to learn many facts and figures of Insurance.In India since 1956-1999A.D. the plans are conventional wherein the the excess money for the death claims are given as BONUS which means the net benefit distributed to the policyholders when the policy matures or at the time of death whichever is earlier as a token of love n compensation for loss family assets.After 2000A.D. ULIP policies r also introduced and the return is paid purely based on NAVs for the units the party purchased from sensex,nifty etc. Here in India the Administration we follow is non-Islamic.I feel we nid 2 study more on Insurance b4 we come to a conclusion on Insurance in Indian Muslim Society.

  11. mudassir

    Assalam O Alaikum,
    my dear brothers, after submitting Islam you cannot follow your wishes. These scholars have knowledge of deen and dunya. Islam is a name of submitting all of your matters to Almighty Allah.
    Trust on Allah and don’t follow Satanic thinking. Here some of my friends are abusing scholars; i think that they should change their attitude and mind.
    Don’t behave like chrsitians and jews who always followed their wishes and changed their religion according to their own wishes and comfort.

    May Allah guide us all and help us in following true teachings of Islam and new rulings of modern times given by our beloved islamic scholars.

    I am really disappointed after reading these comments; if they would have IMAN i am sure they never had said such things.
    Momin never speaks like that.

  12. you should always get a life insurance if you can afford one coz you really don’t know when you are going to die ‘

  13. Life insurance is necessary that is why i always make sure that i get a reputable insurance company ;:;

  14. irfanhaider

    Dear All,
    I also paid a hell of amount to the one of an excellent life insurance company but yet someone confused me to said that its all HARAM & SOOD

  15. Arif jan sarang

    dear all muslim brothers insurance is Haram and Sood this is for non muslims ok pray for me

  16. Sharafat Attari

    Dear Reader,s
    I want to give explanation on just of all MUZABRA Business.
    It Halal in islam Because in this businees one patner give mony when ever other patner give working in business.

  17. Tauseef Riaz

    in response to above Fatwa I say something very simple that Islam does not stop any follower from thinking and planning for and about welfare of any individual or of family members so to get some policy is part and parcel of planning so no need to follow such rigid people.

  18. Davood Karipodi

    Dear brothers,
    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Many of us are sharing openion on this subject based on their own lifestyle and situation, none are seems really touchin the heart of islam.
    Allah almighty has already warned of bad deeds and insist us on good deeds. so, when we want to know about what is acceptable to us and what is forbidden to us, we can only learn this from Quran and Hadees, but if you have no enough knowledge on how to read and go to quraan classes, then the next stem is ” Ask the people of religion”, who are the people of religion???, the bloggers?, the media persons???? the cinema heroes?, or the Scholers?.
    Yes, ofcourse, the scholers……….so again people will try to find some loophole to give more justification on such Fatwa when this will be against their interests………then ask many scholers on the same subject. so you will come to know that majority of the scholars are unite in the Fatwa.

    Remember, no majority in islam will be united for the bad deeds. so if any one does wrong that does not mean that it is permissible.

    Allah kows the best.

    your brother

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