How the Chinese Government Treats its Own People

Forget the Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongols or any other assorted “minorities”. The Chinese Communist Government’s treatment of Han Chinese itself is not any better. It is just as brutal and inhumane.

This Video is about the Land Grab that the Chinese Government is involved in within China itself. Remember how long it takes for even one road to be widened in India. Every legal option is available to the affected people. some misuse it, others make use of it that is a totally different issue. But atleast that option is on the table to everyone including to the weakest man on the street. Here in China, people even the sick and dying are just thrown out of their homes and onto the streets so that the big bosses can make some money by usurping their land.

The Chinese Communist Government clearly shows no respect for the “pieces of paper” called rule of law. This is a stark lesson to India which our ruling clique and leftist-liberal dominated intellectual class and Media simply do not want to learn. The Sino-Indian Border talks are a sham.If the Chinese Government tomorrow feels it has the power to Grab it will grab, no “piece of paper” will tug at its non-existent conscience. 1962 anyone?!!

The only option is to arm ourselves to the teeth with hundreds of nukes and long range missiles and display every intention of using it on them if they act up. That is what stops a beast. It reacts only to a primeval instinct called Fear. Any effort at being nice and accomodating towards it will only be interpreted as “weakness” and not as “magnanimity”.

Watch at timestamp 2:50 mins when a man who has lost his home says “They just bully the ordinary people(People’s paradise??!!)They are eating our flesh, They are drinking our blood, they are picking our bones clean”

That’s not a metaphor. It is a practical reality. The Chinese communist Government is involved in a massive Organ harvesting and transplant racket.

And ofcourse who can forget Tiananmen.

Please harbour no illusions. You cannot appease a beast. It did not work with Hitler it won’t work with Communist Chinese Government. Strength and Firmness is the only deterrence.

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