China Plans to Make the Qinghai-Tibetan Railway Profitable

The Chinese Neo-Imperialists are now seeking to make a profit out of their newly built white elephant Qinghai-Tibet Railway inaugurated on July 1, 2006.

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The main objectives of the Chinese government in building this railway was

1) To enable the immigration of millions of Han Chinese to Tibet thereby undermining the Tibetan people demographically, culturally and socially in their own homeland and thus secure its vice like grip over Tibet for all time to come.

2) To enable the quick deployment of large numbers of PLA troops to the Tibetan peninsula to put pressure on India whenever they feel like it. China is still not showing any interest in resolving the border issue with India since it gives it the option of yanking up the pressure on India at any time of its own choosing.

But like any good imperialist starting from the Romans down to the British, the French, the Portuguese, the Dutch etc… knew, that the enterprise of building an empire must be profitable. And the Qinghai-Tibet railway is a huge resource hog. It won’t make any profit or even pay for its own way if all it does is just sit there and be a vehicle for some bored Han Chinese immigrants to catch a train to Lhasa or to deploy some extra PLA troops on the plateau to put some additional pressure on India.

The only way they can make a profit out of this railway while also realising their main objectives above is to extend it and connect it to South Asia. This would make it possible for them to ship their cheap manufactured goods made by both prison slave labour and also “free” workers toiling under near slavish conditions to the vast south Asian market.

The Chinese neo-imperialists are already making moves in that direction. They are arm-twisting a weak, tottering government in Nepal to do their bidding. They plan to extend it for now to the Sino-Nepal border and have already expressed their desire to connect it to the Indian railway network itself.

Expect the “useful Idiots” in the Indian establishment from the communists down to the leftist-liberals to the plain stupid to the greedy traitors to soon start a campaign on behalf of their Chinese masters to “convince” the Indian Government and people to help end the “isolation” of Tibet by agreeing to the Chinese “requests” and thus in the process undermine our own National interests and Security. Nothing like subsidising the enemy to kill you.

I can already see the headlines and the accompanying spin in our “(Anti)-National” Newspapers, TV channels etc…

To be contd………….

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