George of the Jungle Spins it Again

TJS George of the Jungle in his weekly sunday column in the Indian Express (some call it the Spindian Express) dated 27th August 2006 repeated his feat in using another totally unrelated discussion to further his own personal leftist agenda. Last week he had used the personal tragedies of two individuals to beat the drums for the Naxalites who have themselves murdered and killed thousands of innocents without mercy and today he uses the death of Shenai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan to take potshots at his favourite “Hindutva monsters”.

“That showed up the smallness of the Hindutva politicians who misuse their faith on the one hand and, on the other, the Maulavis who oppose Vandemataram on the ground that Islam prohibits paying obeisance to anyone other than Allah. Bismillah Khan understood his faith more faithfully.”

I simply fail to understand what has the “smallness” of Hindutva politicians or some Islamic fundamentalist’s rant against the singing of the national song has got to do with a discussion on a legend like Ustad Bismillah Khan. Here is a kind of man, a genius who is a national icon and above all considerations of language, region, religion etc… and on the other hand here is a small junglee columnist of a self-delusional “nation-wide” selling newspaper who is misusing the death of such a legend for his own petty ends.

Ofcourse there is no doubt that he wheeled in that Islamic fundamentalist who ranted against the singing of the national song only to give a not so convincing cover to his pathological hate of his perceived “enemies”, the “Hindutva monsters”. This is one phenomenon that the Indian leftists share with the Nazi Propoganda machine. To debase and dehumanise their opponents by ranting against them day in and day out.Even if the only news of the day is Mars passing close to Earth they will spin it somehow to bash their “enemies” real or imagined.

/Feeling sick beyond belief 😡

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