ToI(let) Paper Simply Cannot Resist It

ToI(let) paper simply cannot resist taking a swipe at its “enemies” real or imagined and whether or not they are at fault or have nothing at all to do with the incident being discussed at hand.

In a supposedly “well written” editorial dated 26 Aug 2006 titled “Mumbai’s Cross”, the Times of India has rightly condemned the naming of a restaurant in Navi Mumbai after Adolf Hitler as “a shameful example of the triumph of ignorance”.

It goes on to extol the virtues of Mumbai as a great multicultural city where Jewish communities have lived alongside their Indian neighbours in harmony for more than a millenia. It also stresses the point that India is perhaps one of the very few countries in the world with absolutely no history of anti-semitism.

But towards the end of the column, somehow perhaps some editor with an personal agenda of his own thought fit to insert this line.

“but Mumbai’s cosmopolitan character, already under attack not least by Sena chief Bal Thackeray, a self-confessed admirer of Adolf Hitler, was in danger of being further compromised.”

ToI(let) paper is ready to accept Puneet Sablok’s bungling as “a shameful example of the triumph of ignorance” but not the Sena chief’s so called “admiration” of Hitler as maybe perhaps because of a similar level of ignorance.

It is highly doubtful that the Sangh parivar and the Sena chief have any kind of real knowledge of what Hitler really stood for.If they knew they definitely would not shoot off their mouths anymore. There are a lot of people who imagine Hitler to be a great nationalist and martial conqueror and admire him for that even when not agreeing with his ideology of hate.

ToI(let) Paper might be well aware of that or perhaps this is a case of “a shameful example of the triumph of ignorance” on their own part.

Much More likely is that it is a case of pathological hatred of its perceived “enemies”. In this ToI(let) paper has something in common with the Nazi propoganda machine which churned out a thousand lies and half truths about its enemies especially the Jews day in and day out until the lines between reality and imagination blurred to such a large extent that most Germans felt nothing when the “evil” joooos where marched off to the concentration camps to be murdered en masse.

Perhaps ToI(let) paper would be very happy when the Indian Railway network is put to “better” use by marching off those “pesky” Hindus to the concentration camps to be murdered en masse too.

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6 responses to “ToI(let) Paper Simply Cannot Resist It

  1. RS

    It is highly doubtful that the Sangh parivar and the Sena chief have any kind of real knowledge of what Hitler really stood for.If they knew they definitely would not shoot off their mouths anymore…

    I am amazed you wrote this. Have you been to Bombay? Have you heard this lunatic puke out his garbage in public? If not let me tell you that he is downright fascist. It is not necessary to know about Hitler for one to have fascist tendencies.

  2. RS, yes he is a character in his own right. but there are many who admire hitler without knowing what he really stood for. read these 2 comments by 2 ppl in this thread

    I’am doubtful that thackeray or sablok or anyone from SP or any indian would ever admire hitler if they knew that

    1) hitler believed in the Aryan invasion theory. his entire ideology was built on that foundation theory by max mueller

    2) hitler distorted the hindu holy symbol of swastika into a “hooked/crooked” cross which sablok interpreted as “Hitler’s cross”. He was insulting the swastika in its own country!!

    of course like u said one doesn’t need to be admirer of hitler to be a fanatic. But the TOI’s attempt at a sleight of hand trick to pile something on thackeray that he was never involved in is plain wrong.

    Infact sablok builders is more closer to the congress party.

  3. RS

    Q: You recently described yourself as the Hitler of Bombay, and you have expressed a desire to be the Hitler of India. Is that correct?

    A: Why not? I am a great admirer of Hitler, and I am not ashamed to say so! I do not say that I agree with all the methods he employed, but he was a wonderful organizer and orator, and I feel that he and I have several things in common. Look at the amount of good we have done in just six months in Maharashtra. Actually, we have too much sham-democracy in this country. What India really needs is a dictator who will rule benevolently, but with an iron hand.

    From the above isn’t it clear that he knows
    enough about Hitler and what ToI wrote is correct. Thackeray is no illiterate politician. Also read up on Golwalkar, Savarkar, Modi, etc. I dont find any difference between the crap dished out by these “gentlemen” and the Islamic jihadi doctrines.

    On the issue of naming the restaurant I agree with your views – it was plain stupid thing to do.

  4. “I do not say that I agree with all the methods he employed”

    “What India really needs is a dictator who will rule benevolently”

    These 2 statements sounds very similar to what 2 other commenters in the hitler restaurant thread said.

    There is a widespread misconception that

    1) Hitler was a “benevolent” dictator- atleast for Germany
    2) Hitler ran an able and efficient administation in Germany
    3) Hitler had the good of germany in his heart.

    All three are wrong. he ran a police state where people(including “pure aryan” germans) were arrested for speaking out.

    his “economic miracle” was nothing but a ponzi scheme.

    he concentrated all power in his hands and to make sure he was not challenged he built overlapping structures in the bureaucracy so most of his ministries spent more time watching each other and their own backs and trying to pull each other down than do any work. this actually cost germany the war

    and finally he refused to make peace with the Allies which could have saved Germany. most people don’t know that the Allies had solid plans to deindustrialise germany and wipe it off the world map after the war was won. what saved germany was dumb luck i.e., stalin’s belligerence at yalta and the beginning of the cold war otherwise there would be no germany today.

    So is there anything good at all about this man? even from a german “nationalist” perspective. Not at all.

    and thackeray, sablok and many, many others across the world admire hitler in the mistaken belief that he was atleast good from the german “nationalist” point of view.

    If they knew that he was the cause of Germany’s ruin would they still admire him.I don’t think so.

    Infact the boot is on the other foot. It is the islamic fundamentalists who had intimate relations with the nazis.not just “inspiration” but actual “co-operation”. I have 2 posts on that topic.

  5. RS

    I dont understand why you wrote all that on Hitler when I was only pointing out that you got it wrong on what ToI wrote on Thackeray. As for me I think I know enough of Hitler.

    Well, if you want to deny the existence of Hindu fascism then its okay with me.

  6. RS, I’am not denying that many of these guys admire fascism and hitler too. but there is a justice system which says “innocent till proven guilty”. ToI is simply using sablok’s sins to pass judgement on thackeray which i think is wrong.

    Use thackeray’s own sins and wrongdoings against him by all means but why use somebody else’s wrngdoing against him? that is absolutely unjustified.

    P.S-I was only pointing out that Hitler was neither a benevolent dictator nor a able administrator.

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