India to Pull Out Peacekeeping Contingent from Lebanon

India might withdraw its contingent from UNIFIL in southern Lebanon. This is a welcome decision. There is no point in being a part of a force monitoring a ‘ceasefire’ which one of the sides i.e., Hezballah has no intention of honouring. The UN for its part has no intention of holding Hezballah to account and instead is terribly biased against Israel and routinely issues one-sided edicts against it.

It is also a gross error to risk the lives of Indian peacekeeping troops in a situation where Hezballah has been known to use locations very near to the UN positions to fire rockets at Israel and then use those same UN positions as a shield against Israeli Aircraft fire by hiding behind them.

The reason being dished out for this sudden move is that India is unhappy with the new extended mandate of UNIFIL. But in reality it could be because it is very clear that the next round of shooting is just around the corner since Hezballah has absolutely no intention whatsoever of honouring the “ceasefire” or “disarm” as per the provisions of the UN resolution 1701.

The UNIFIL in this situation will have no other option but to sit in its bunkers and have tea and biscuits for now and then get caught in the next round of shooting between Israel and Hezballah.

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