Indian Express Columnist Openly Supports Naxalites

Indian Express columnist TJS George in his weekly Sunday column Point of View openly came out in support of Naxalites.

In his column dated 20 Aug 2006 Cliches mean nothing to Bant Singh he uses the personal tragedies of Meher Bhargava and Bant Singh of Mansa, Punjab to push his not-so-hidden radical leftist agenda.

He writes of Bant singh

“The extent of cruelty that he saw all around him drove him towards a more radical platform. Today he is a member of the Naxalite CPI-ML”.

And signs of his article by saying

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said spiritedly: “I want those who have mistakenly taken to Naxalism to understand that in India power will never flow from the barrel of a gun.”Meher Bhargava actually saw power flowing from the barrel of a gun, Bant Singh from iron rods. Our country is filled with such heroes, heroines and martyrs. You cannot even address their problem, Mr.Prime Minister. At least, do not preach.

Well in that case would not the tribals in Dantewada district of Chattisgarh be justified in joining Salwa Judum militia and taking up arms to fight the Naxalites?

The Naxalites attacked a refugee camp and brutally killed the villagers, and 20 of them were hacked to death with sharp weapons, while three were charred to death and two were shot dead by the Naxalites at Errabore relief camp.

What were those villagers doing in the relief camp in the first place? They were hiding from the very Naxalite fu*$%#ing bastards that TJS George is praising so much and recommending as a solution to all ills of the society in his sunday column.

Because of the threat from Left wing extremists, over 50,000 people from about 700 villages of Dantewada district have taken shelter in 17 relief camps run by the state government.

So will we now hear stories of a person called Manu who became alienated when the Naxalites brutally killed of his entire family and hence took up arms against them as a result by either joining Salwa Judum or the Police?

Don’t hold your breath. That kind of heartfelt stories only happens to leftists and islamic terrorists according to the leftist-liberal kook dominated mainstream media.

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7 responses to “Indian Express Columnist Openly Supports Naxalites

  1. Raj

    I have been reading this guy’s sunday column since high school. He is actually a good chap, mostly on the mark, this is for the first time he has said anything as stupid and diabolical as this.

  2. well said! Not just George, but Express is headed by that arch-Commie, Shekhar Gupta. More on the chap here: , in case you haven’t seen it already.

  3. @sandeep.

    yes and i think he also wrote an article in the foreign press blaming Modi for Mumbai 7/11 blasts. He is a pathetic dude who thinks highly of himself.

  4. Raj

    Wow – did he do that Apollo ? Could you give the links to that ? I am surprised, because mostly he never said anything outlandish in his sundau columns…infact on many occasions has criticised the mallu commies and x’tian soul harvesting fanatics…

  5. not George, Raj. it was shekhar gupta who did that. here is the link to that article

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