The Mainstream Media is going Nuts!

As if an irritating leftist-liberal agenda and openly supporting Radical islamic terrorists like Hezballah and staging dead bodies in Qana and photoshopping war photos was not bad enough.

TV reporters ‘helped protester burn himself to death’

Indian police are investigating a group of television journalists for allegedly helping a man to burn himself to death and filming his agony for broadcast.

Pictures of Manoj Mishra writhing in pain with his back on fire were shown in Bihar state on Tuesday. Mr Mishra later died in hospital from severe burns in the town of Gaya. “We have seized footage clearly showing a group of journalists handing over matches and some inflammable substance, which we later verified to be diesel, to the victim,” said PK Sinha, the local police chief. He said five or six journalists would be arrested for “abetment to suicide”, which carries a jail term of up to 10 years.

The Mainstream Media and its personnel have lost all sense of morals, ethics and ability to empathise with human suffering. For them a dying and bleeding or burning fellow human being is just a photo-op for the prime time news, A scoop(sic!).

We saw this pathetic attitude also during the 7/11 Mumbai tragedy. Rajdeep sardesai of CNN-IBN was jumping up and down saying that his channel was the first to report the “unfortunate incident”. Other reporters on the ground were not far behind either. I saw a clip where the lady reporter was adjusting her make up and asking her colleagues whether she was looking good and in another shot someone was asking the cameraman to zoom the camera lens closer towards a bleeding man for a better shot.

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