Left about turn

If you still had any doubts about whether the Indo-US Nuclear deal was in India’s National Interests or not. Well lay those doubts to rest.

Left climbs down on nuclear deal

The ballpark is that if the left does not oppose it anymore especially after the patriotic scientific community came out strongly against the deal it means that the Agreement as it is cooking now in the US congress is not in India’s National Interests.

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5 responses to “Left about turn

  1. Better to steer clear of the US and do our own thing as we used to do in the past. US is only after self interest as always.

  2. Raj

    Hey buddy,

    I am really confused about this deal. I dont know what to make of it. Some people I have great respect for like the venerable Subramanyam say its good for India, others like Brahma and Karnad , also chaps I hold in great esteem say its a disaster.

    Like most Indians who want the best for India, I dont really know what to make of it.

    Would appreciate if you could write a blog post explaining why exactly its a bad deal in simple terms that a lay person like me can understand.

    Also, I want you to factor in the reasons some Indian patriots (forget the treacherous left) like
    Subramanyam are in favor of the deal.

  3. Raj

    Also – Apollo – I expect you to spend some time at http://www.indiannotion.com :)) Thats an order …haha..

  4. Raj, the deal is very bad for India because the bill that was passed by the US House of representatives is nothing but the same old ‘cap-rollback-eliminate’ in new flowery language that’s all.

    I had written a detailed post on this immediately after the bill was passed by the US house of representatives.

    Also cynical nerd and jaffna of the Indian national interest had written a very good post on this too.

    Also here is the link to the actual document of the bill passed.

    pls read the sections 3(b) regarding FMCT and section 4(d)(2) which destroys the so called “principle of reciprocity”. It specifically says that if India doesn’t play ball the US president will be “obliged” to “actively” prevent India from getting fuel from other sources.

    The nuke deal is a disaster.

  5. “Also – Apollo – I expect you to spend some time at http://www.indiannotion.com 🙂 ) Thats an order …haha..”

    yes sir ;). btw who runs that website?

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