Happy Independence Day!!

Our country turns 59 years old today.





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6 responses to “Happy Independence Day!!

  1. Raj

    Dude – why are you so happy ? We are ruled by commies and socialists…

  2. Raj

    The Angrezi Babus have been replaced by an ex- Italian playmate. Happy Independence Day !!

  3. JV

    Yes, that’s bitter fact. 😦

    Happy Independence Day !!

  4. Yes Raj and JV, It is a good time for some introspection too.

  5. Raj


    I would really appreciate it if you and your friends here would take some time off and visit this new website http://www.indiannotion.com. We could do with some traffic there. Its intended to be like freerepublic or digg …the readers themselves post as well as comment on articles and opinion pieces from various newspapers, blogs, and magazines..


  6. the site looks pretty good.

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