Top Indian Nuclear scientists share their concerns about the Indo-US Nuclear deal

India’s Top Nuclear scientists including such names as Dr H N Sethna, former chairman, Atomic Energy Commission; Dr M R Srinivasan, former chairman, Atomic Energy Commission; Dr P K Iyengar, former chairman, Atomic Energy Commission; Dr A Gopalakrishnan, former chairman, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board; Dr S L Kati, former managing director, Nuclear Power Corporation; Dr A N Prasad, former director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre; Placid Rodriguez, former director of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research and Dr Y S R Prasad, former chairman & managing director, Nuclear Power Corporation have appealed to India’s parliamentarians to pressure the Indian Government into taking a firmer stand wrt to the Indo-US Nuclear deal.

They believe that the deal, in the form approved by the US House of Representatives, infringes on India’s independence for carrying out research and development in nuclear science and technology.

The text of their appeal is as follows:

While the nation and Parliament discuss the Indo-US nuclear deal from various angles, we feel it is our responsibility to place before the nation our well-considered views on the impact of this deal on the future of Indian nuclear science and technology, and its effects on the energy security of the nation. We have all worked in the field of atomic energy from the very early years after India’s independence. From very small beginnings, we have now reached a stage where we are in possession of all the technologies needed for the production of electricity from indigenous nuclear minerals, and have successfully applied these technologies in diverse sectors from health, agriculture and industry to national and energy security. All this has been possible with the support of the people represented in the government through Parliament, and the outstanding statesmen who have guided and supported our plans…...Read More

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2 responses to “Top Indian Nuclear scientists share their concerns about the Indo-US Nuclear deal

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  2. Kumar Abhishek.

    all our respective scientists are doing the right thing by telling the llop holes of this nuclear deal .as by doing this they can make people aware of its consequences..i fully agree with their views..

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