Peace in our Time: History Repeats itself as a Farce


The World community “appeases” Hitler after his agression against Czechoslovakia.

PM chamberlain of the UK on stepping off the plane after the conference in Berlin had ended on 30 September, 1938 and waving his “scrap of paper” said .


“We, the German Führer and Chancellor, and the British Prime Minister, have had a further meeting today and are agreed in recognizing that the question of Anglo-German relations is of the first importance for two countries and for Europe.We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.We are resolved that the method of consultation shall be the method adopted to deal with any other questions that may concern our two countries, and we are determined to continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference, and thus to contribute to assure the peace of Europe.”

After greeting members of the public at the airport, Mr Chamberlain appeared in front of another rejoicing throng on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the King and Queen, and again later outside 10 Downing Street and said

“My good friends this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace in our time.”

One year later – Hitler derided the agreement as just a “scrap of paper” and invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. Britain and France declared war on Germany 2 days later on September 3. World War 2 had begun.


The World Community “appeases” the Hezballah and Iranian fascists after their aggression against the innocent civilians in Israel.

Warm reaction to the UN resolution across the World


French “appeaser” Jacques Chirac: “I hail the unanimous adoption tonight by the UN Security Council of a resolution calling for a complete cessation of hostilities in Lebanon,”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also welcomed the resolution, adding that “it has proven that the international community is determined to end the military operations in Lebanon.” Merkel noted that the next step would be to implement the resolution swiftly.

The European Union’s foreign policy chief Javier Solana said: “It (the resolution) has taken probably too long a time to arrive at, but now it is approved unanimously by the Security Council,” Solana told reporters in Beirut, where he met Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and other Lebanese officials.

“Japan has been calling for an immediate ceasefire to avoid further civilian victims and deterioration of the situation,” The Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Japan welcomes the unanimous adoption of the Security Council resolution.”

“I welcome the resolution adopted yesterday by the United Nations Security Council, which is designed to bring an immediate end to the fighting,” Mr Bush said in a statement from his Texas ranch.”I now urge the international community to turn words into action and make every effort to bring lasting peace to the region,” Mr Bush said after the council unanimously called for an end to the bloody four-week-old conflict.

Shimon Peres, Israeli Deputy PM reacting to the resolution said, “What we could hope to obtain at the United Nations we obtained, Nearly all our demands have been met, this is unprecedented.The resolution justifies the stance Israel adopted since the start by stating that Hezbollah was the first to attack,”

And for its part Iran has already indicated that this resolution is a “scrap of paper”.

“None of the Lebanese groups will accept the resolution,” an Iranian MP said after hearing the news of the resolution. He also added helpfully that “Islamic Republic of Iran will support a plan that is supported by a concensus of Lebanese groups.”

Translation- It is a “scrap of paper” and we will “honour” it only until it suits our purpose.

It took Hitler a whole damn year to declare his agreement as a “scrap of paper” and it has taken these guys in this age of the Internet hardly minutes. History not only has repeated itself as a farce today but has done so at the speed of light.

WW3- ?

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