October Earthquake Relief Money used to Fund the Airline Terror Plot

All I can say is I’am thoroughly disgusted. During last October’s Earthquake we saw wall to wall coverage of the tragedy in the Media. We were told repeatedly of how ordinary people who had lost their homes, had to live in the open with a fast approaching winter.

Governments from across the world and millions of ordinary people donated whatever they could to bring relief to these people and today we hear this.

‘Quake money’ used to finance UK plane bombing plot

Ironically the Indian Government had also handed over a check of $25 Million to Pakistan for the Quake relief on July 11, 2006. The exact same day when the Mumbai trains were bombed killing nearly 200 innocent commuters and injuring 800 more.

These people have absolutely no shame whatsoever. Does anyone still believe that these fascists are fighting for any “noble cause” at all?

These people are not interested in anything but winning at any cost. They want to impose their dark and disgusting ideology on the whole world and they are willing to do anything to further their cause including lying, cheating, using their own people as human shields, using the misfortune of their own people to suck money from the rest of the world to line their own pockets and finance their war of choice.

We are fighting Pure Evil.

I’am absolutely and thoroughly disgusted 😡

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7 responses to “October Earthquake Relief Money used to Fund the Airline Terror Plot

  1. Raj

    Apollo – I wonder if you are familiar with sepiamutiny…. the popular ‘South Asian’ blog , a den of spoit 2nd gen Indian-American leftists. In the aftermath of the Kashmir earthquake they were collecting money for the Pakistani victims. A mere question on my part about the possibility of the money collected ending up in the hands of the jihadis wanting to kill Indian soldiers led to me being condemned by all as a new age Hitler etc.

  2. Raj, yes i know sepia mutiny and they are pathetic “useful idiots” for the cause of the Neo-nazis.

  3. RS



    Thats the Iranian President’s blog. Maybe you can go over there and give him a piece of ur mind 😉

  4. RS, I read somewhere that the blog tries to install a trojan on ur system. Be careful while visiting it. turn on security options to High before going there.

  5. RS

    oh really!? thanks for that….i will be careful next time.

  6. RS

    btw, this template is better and more neat.

  7. thanks RS.Even i think this template is better.

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