Terror Plot in the Skies Again

Something about the plane for these terrorists. Is it because it is such a soft target? Well maybe the Boeing or Airbus might look soft but the F-22 Raptor isn’t and guess what dudes it will soon be up ur freaking neo-nazi asses in no time if u don’t mend ur ways.

In a plot reminiscent of the Kanishka bombing, 9/11 and the Richard Reid shoe bomber affair, British authorities today foiled a terror plot that involved blowing up 10 jetliners full of innocent women and children simultaneously over the Atlantic ocean.

Well, needless to say the leftist-liberal kooks simply refuse to see the truth staring starkly at their face. The MSM is playing a deception game yet again peddling many hair-brained theories. Nothing new here.

But U have to give it to President Bush. He called the terrorists what they really are, “fascists”.

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4 responses to “Terror Plot in the Skies Again

  1. Sam

    These fucking bloody terrorist Pakis that were caught with bombs in London airport are at it once again….to kill thousands of inncocents aboard the plane enroute to USA.


    Why killl in the name of religion….spare US the innocetns

    DO write about this in detail….in DC. and eveyother blog.

    I salute the Bush and the blair govt for the guts that they had to expose these fanatics in their green-black show.

    Not like our Singh who got all sucked up after 7/11

    In the USA news …they are not being spared…they are being called what they are….faceless bastards.

    DOnt spare them.

    Kindly write all about them only in DC. and them only.

  2. anon

    Do write on these killers..but dont give it a hindu angle.

    Like last time during 7/11…though Hindus were not involved, still they were bashed coz they are majority..(crap theory).

    As said make it only muslim and killer muslims trying to make everyone muslims and spreading fear.

  3. anon

    Soemthng on the lines of muslims killing christians

  4. Hi Apollo

    Excellent posting

    BTW I really like Bush’s new coinage or (was it a existing coinage )–Islamic Fascists

    Rajamohan has written about this in IE today

    This guy Bush doesnt suffer FROM affliction that has come to paralyse this world -like pseudo intellectual pretensions/poliitcal correctness

    He call spade a spade -instead of indulging in deliberate obfuscation and being apologetic about condemining brutality

    The entire issue is very simple ,straigtforwad and crystal clear-its about terriorism inspired based on tenets of a medieveal religion

    It can ONLY be ignored at our own peril

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