Prime Minister Tony Blair does a Winston Churchill


Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK on two occassions last week spoke about the terrorism in Kashmir as being only a small part of the larger issue of Global Jihad. In a joint press conference with President George Bush at the White House on July 28th, 2006 he said

“And what changed policy was September the 11th. That changed policy, but actually, before September the 11th this global movement with a global ideology was already in being. September the 11th was the culmination of what they wanted to do. But, actually — and this is probably where the policymakers, such as myself, were truly in error — is that even before September the 11th, this was happening in all sorts of different ways in different countries.

I mean, in Algeria, for example, tens and tens of thousands of people lost their lives. This movement has grown, it is there, it will latch on to any cause that it possibly can and give it a dimension of terrorism and hatred. You can see this. You can see it in Kashmir, for example. You can see it in Chechnya. You can see it in Palestine.

Now, what is its purpose? Its purpose is to promote its ideology based upon the perversion of Islam, and to use any methods at all, but particularly terrorism, to do that, because they know that the value of terrorism to them is — as I was saying a moment or two ago, it’s not simply the act of terror, it’s the chain reaction that terror brings with it. Terrorism brings the reprisal; the reprisal brings the additional hatred; the additional hatred breeds the additional terrorism, and so on. But in a small way, we lived through that in Northern Ireland over many, many decades”.

And again during a speech in Los Angeles to the World Affairs Council on August 1, 2006 he said

“But the central point is this. In the end, even the issue of Israel is just part of the same, wider struggle for the soul of the region. If we recognised this struggle for what it truly is, we would be at least along the first steps of the path to winning it. But a vast part of the Western opinion is not remotely near this yet.

Whatever the outward manifestation at any one time – in Lebanon, in Gaza, in Iraq and add to that in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in a host of other nations including now some in Africa – it is a global fight about global values; it is about modernisation, within Islam and outside of it; it is about whether our value system can be shown to be sufficiently robust, true, principled and appealing that it beats theirs. Islamist extremism’s whole strategy is based on a presumed sense of grievance that can motivate people to divide against each other. Our answer has to be a set of values strong enough to unite people with each other”.

Tony Blair with this bit of straight talk has emerged as a true world leader. He is the first world leader to recognise the true nature of the enemy in the War on Terror and warn the world about it just like his predecessor Churchill tried his best to warn the world about the true evil nature of Hitler’s Nazi regime all those years ago. Even then the world was in denial about the Nazis just like it is today about the Global Jihadist threat.

The leftist-liberal terrorist sympathising press is squirming uncomfortably when faced with this bit of reality check coming from ironically a leftist leader like Blair himself. The above remarks have been either omitted in the Mainstream Media or have been presented out of context and laced with biased leftist commentary.

It is worthwhile to remember President Bush’s comments in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists”. In this War on Terror it is increasingly clear that the Mainstream Media is not only NOT with us, it is actively on the side of the terrorists.


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