War against Terrorism For Dummies


Replace that American soldier with anyone else. Indians, Israelis, Filipinos, Thais…..


Filed under International Politics, Liberal Extremists, Satire/Greek Tragedy, Terrorism

4 responses to “War against Terrorism For Dummies

  1. RS

    Nice cartoon. But in India’s case apart from the Islamist Terrorist we have to fight Christian, Hindu, Secular, Tribal, etc Terrorist. Thank god we were able to clean up the Sikhs in this regard.
    Here is the complete list of Terrorist groups in India. (You must have already seen this list @satp.org 🙂 ):

  2. yes we have all varieties of nuts 🙂

  3. David

    I don’t get it. Is it saying the U.S. is acting too ethically and that’s why it’ not winning the war?

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