Radio Mirchi with a new Look and Feel

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM RJ’ ing is now sounding much better. They seem to have parcelled out those Pee Jokers (PJs) who cracked inane and irritating jokes and are now concentrating on good RJ’ing. Their best RJ’s are Rachana and Dr Love who though not in the class of Radio city 91 FM’s Vasanthi and Guru Kiran are quite good in their own way.

That leaves the new entrant Radio One 94.3 FM. Guys can you get a better slogan for yourselves. The current slogan Hit mele hit mele hit mele Hit simply sucks when compared to Radio City’s Dive In and Radio Mirchi’s passable fare. Plus the RJ’s of Radio One are pathetic. This is one area that can make or break FM brand names since there is not much difference between the programmes played on all three FM channels the one thing that can really make a difference is a star RJ. Here Radio City is still the uncrowned king in Bangalore.

The coverage for kannada songs seems to be best in Radio One. They play really good kannada songs from the old classics to the latest hits and give it more air time than either Radio Mirchi or Radio City.


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8 responses to “Radio Mirchi with a new Look and Feel

  1. LoL! When I was in Mumbai Radio Go rocked but they had to go the Desi way for obvious reasons. I have no option but Internet Radio, but thanks to broadband the clarity is freaking brilliant, no buffering shit and best of all barely any DJs! Huzzah for that

  2. Radio one is not playing any english songs here also. They seem to have given it up totally. I think they should have it for atleast a couple of hours a day because not everyone will have broadband internet.

  3. hey nice blog..
    mirchi’s promo ads suck..
    overall not impressed..

  4. Hi… Could you let me know a few indian internet radio sites. Also would you know if radiomirchi is streamed online. thanks!

  5. kaushik

    Mirchi Sunnewale Always Khush……………..

  6. kaushik

    I want Radio Mirchi on the Internet So we can play its on the internet with sound effects……………………………………..

  7. KELLY