Qana Incident: The Mainstream Media ends up with Egg on its Face

It has been very amusing to see the arrogant Mainstream Media(MSM) being taken to the cleaners by the Blogger community. The MSM has been very biased and slanted while reporting on the current Israeli vs Hamas/Hezbollah conflict. While ignoring the obvious fact that these two terrorist organizations share a direct ideological lineage to both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazis.They have been virtually acting as a Terrorist mouthpiece by shamelessly pushing the Hezbollah and Hamas line.

The Qana incident was hyped as a massacre of innocents by the “Nazi-like” Israeli armed forces by the MSM. The MSM simply wouldn’t listen when it was repeatedly pointed out that the Hezbollah were using the civilians as Human Shields and firing rockets at Israeli cities from inside towns and villages in south Lebanon. They were not even willing to consider that it could have been an accident. According to them it was a massacre. Why and How? since they told u so, period.


The photos from this “outrage” was splashed all across the morning newspapers all over the world. Boy! was the MSM up for a shock of its life when it was challenged by a virtually unknown British blogger EUreferendum. The Blogger analyzed the timestamps of the photos of the incident taken by the various news agencies and declared them as faked.

The time line of the incident simply doesn’t add up. If the building fell 7 hours after it was targeted by the Israeli Air Force why did not those people inside try to escape? Why did not those outside help them out if the building looked like it could collapse any moment? Why did the bodies look like the people were all sleeping when the building caved in rather than trying to find a way out of a building about to collapse? Plus there was no blood anywhere. Surprising since in a supposed building collapse there would be lot of injuries like broken limbs and blood everywhere.

The counter-response of the Leftist-Liberal Nazi sympathizing media was predictable. They tried the old Goebbels tactic of Truth by repeated assertion i.e., repeat a falsehood a thousand times till it becomes accepted fact. They have even improved on it. They Quote each other and circulate the same lie all around and say that since a thousand people are saying the same thing a thousand times it must be true. If this doesn’t work they all band together to personally attack the Challenger as a Right-Winger and a Nazi. Surprising coming from a motley crowd who are themselves acting as the mouthpiece of the Neo-Nazis like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Another Blog LittleGreenFootballs added to the woes of the MSM by publishing a leaked internal email from AP which praised the Qana propaganda photographers and announced a reward of $500 to that team as ‘Beat of the Week’.

There was more to come LGF again published the visiting cards of the Hezbollah Media Handlers. Many journalists have admitted that their access to southern Lebanon has been controlled by Hezbollah which calls the shots of where they could go, what they would see and what they could photograph or record. But come on i don’t think they needed any prompting from Hezbollah to launch into their anti-Israeli propoganda.

This has become a pattern among the “Free Press”. They give a slanted and biased coverage to the Democracies that guarantee their freedom while taking care not to offend the “sensitivities” of their hosts from Brutal dictatorships. Since they could lose their “Holy access” or even their necks if they cross the line.

My two cents to the MSM. Dudes, the Public are not morons. Many of them did not become journalists because they went on to become scientists, doctors, engineers, accountants, managers, lawyers, politicians and even professional photographers as such their IQ is already proven to be more than the Room temperature unlike your own. They are smart enough to detect propaganda when they see or hear it. You cannot fool all the people all the time. So Quit trying!!


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