Israeli Defence Forces for Military Buffs

If you are a military Buff and want to know more about Israel and its Armed Foces. Here are some useful links. is a forum packed with discussion on all aspects of Israeli defence. Another one is a Blog by a former Israeli special forces veteran by name Yoni. He is constantly updating his blog with the latest from the frontlines giving a unique perspective into the current conflict.

If you want to express solidarity with Israel in its struggle against the Neo-Nazi barbarian terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah log onto

And if you want to catch a glimpse of the smoking hot babes from the IDF. Well it is here 😉


Update : Found one more Israeli blog called DryBonesBlog.It is very hilarious



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2 responses to “Israeli Defence Forces for Military Buffs

  1. RS

    And if you want to catch a glimpse of the smoking hot babes from the IDF
    I thought you linked to Israeli war gizmos. Anyway nice link 😉

    BTW, I used to have Israeli penfriends long time back. Very nice and helpful people. I was then informed that after graduation every boy has to serve in the Israeli Military for 2 years and girls for 1 year. After that they were free to continue or leave the IDF. Most of them prefer to backpack in India after their army stint.

  2. When did babes equal gizmos ? :). yes even i have met some israelis and they are very nice people not any different than any other people across the world who want to find good jobs, educate their kids and live in peace.

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