Who Really Draws Inspiration From the Nazi Ideology? The Hamas/Hezbollah or the Israelis?

The Arabs say that the Israelis, the supposed victims( they deny the holocaust) of the Nazis are behaving like the New Nazis themselves against the Arabs(trying to repeat the holocaust that never really happened according to Ahmedinejad on the Palestinians).

But who is it that derives the ideological inspiration from the Nazi movement? Is it the Arabs or the Jews?


Two prominent Arab leaders of the past supposedly co-operated with the Nazis. One of them is even said to have pushed the Nazis into going in for the Final Solution rather than let the Jews emigrate or be exchanged in return for thousands of German PoWs held by the Allies. That someone was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin Al-Husseini who harboured ambitions of becoming the ruler of all Palestine. Now did someone by the name Ahmedinejad claim that the Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust?.

The other person is Hassan al-Banna an Egyptian and founder of the Muslim Brotherhood(MB). An ardent admirer of Adolph Hitler he co-operated with the Nazis and his organisation virtually became an arm of Nazi intelligence during WW2. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Al-Husseini was also the head of the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was in this capacity that he met Hitler on November 28, 1941 in Berlin. He also subsequently helped Hitler to raise 3 SS divisions; the 13th, 21st and 27th divisions called the Hanjar, Skanderbeg and Kama respectively. Of this the Skanderbeg division composed of Croatians was also involved in the massacre of nearly 200,000 Serbians(sound familiar?). For his efforts Hitler even gave Al-Husseini the title, “Fuhrer of the Arab World”.

There are millions of teenagers today across the world who admire Hitler and the Nazis chiefly because they find the Germans of that era disciplined, focussed and for having nearly conquered the whole world at the time. That is quite understandable. We can call them Triumph des Willens fans.

But in case of the Arabs they draw their inspiration from the Nazi hatred for the Jews.One can call them The Eternal Jew fans of the Nazis. There is a disturbing parallel between the way the Nazis and the Arabs project Jews in their daily propoganda. Their propoganda line seems eerily similar and we have to keep in mind that this is not pure coincidence. It is not like the Arabs found some old tattered propoganda posters, tapes and movies lying around and thought they could use them. Nope, it is only the Euro-centric history writing of World War 2 which virtually ignores all Non-White, Non-christian and Non-European players that allows the Arabs to escape blame and Ahmedinejad to claim that the Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

The Evidence clearly says otherwise. Al-Husseini convinced Hitler not to let all those Jews escape from Nazi controlled Europe since he felt that most of them would end up in Palestine. He worked out a compromise with Hitler that he would in return marshall support for the Nazis among the European and Soviet Muslims which he did. He helped raise 3 Nazi SS divisions from among the Balkan muslims, helped the Nazis garner support among the Soviet muslims of the caucausas including the Chechens (sound familiar?). Stalin responded by later exiling the entire caucasian muslim population to Siberia where nearly one-third died in the Gulags. Al-Husseini also helped raise an Azerbaijani battalion and opened a North Africa Bureau whose aim was to recruit atleast half a million Arab soldiers to fight for Germany. The plan failed with the defeat of General Rommel’s Afrika korps in El-alamein and the subsequent withdrawl of Germany from the rest of North Africa.

The MB survived after the War because the British intelligence and the CIA thought they could be useful in the struggle against Soviet communism.They kept them on their payroll and these guys subsequently penetrated and established themselves all over the Arab world, most notably in Saudi Arabia where many of them became teachers in religious schools and combined their neo-nazi ideology with the Saudi version of Islam, Wahabbism. A very strict interpretation of Islam which was not favoured by Islamic scholars in the rest of the Islamic world at that time.

John Loftus a former US Justice Dept prosecutor in his article has outlined how the Al-Qaeda, Hamas and many other extremist outfits share a direct lineage to the Muslim Brotherhood. He claims that these outfits have hijacked Islam for their own nefarious purposes.

In case of India these Neo-Nazis landed in our neighbourhood in Pakistan during the Afghan war when they fought the Soviets with the help of Saudi and CIA finance, arms and training. Later when the war was over many of these veterans retooled their training, infrastructure, networks etc… to other causes. Al-Qaeda took on the west, Taliban later took on Afghanistan and the Pakistani establishment now awash with money and arms from the neo-nazi network exported these problems to first the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir and then through a series of terrorist acts starting with the Mumbai Blasts in 1993 throughout the Indian mainland. The latest outrage was the 7/11 train bombings in Mumbai which killed nearly 200 innocent commuters and injured 800 more..

Today After the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent American led invasion of Afghanistan the entire neo-nazi network of Al-Qaeda, Taliban, JEM, LeT etc… have virtually been cornered and locked up in the geographical area of Pakistan. But yet why have not the Americans gone in for the kill against these vermins who are now cornered and virtually defeated?

Looks like they feel that they might still have some use for them after all like they did all those years ago in the aftermath of the Second World War. Just imagine in the Aftermath of World War 2 on a hot day afternoon the entire Arab Nazi collaborators were assembled in a room in Cairo and the western intelligence simply let them walk away since they felt they had some use for them yet in their ping-pong war against the Soviets and the World is still paying a heavy price for that blunder.

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5 responses to “Who Really Draws Inspiration From the Nazi Ideology? The Hamas/Hezbollah or the Israelis?

  1. RS

    Very good post but how did you miss our neo-nazis or was that deliberate. 😉

  2. thanks RS. that’s for another post stay tuned.

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  4. Kerri Beaudoin

    But supposedly Muslims have always tolerated jews peacefully according to them. SURE!

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